Wii Nunchuck Controller - £11.69 less £1 Quidco (Reserve & Collect instore) = 10.69 @ Argos
Wii Nunchuck Controller - £11.69 less £1 Quidco (Reserve & Collect instore) = 10.69 @ Argos

Wii Nunchuck Controller - £11.69 less £1 Quidco (Reserve & Collect instore) = 10.69 @ Argos

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With Quidco, it's the best deal I've found....

Containing the same motion sensitive technology that is featured in the Wii remote, this controller also includes an analogue stick to allow accurate control on screen.

This is used in conjunction with the Wii remote by attaching to its expansion port.

For ages 3 years and over.


good price nice find

Great bagged one and my quidco, Thanks alot...

thanks OP - I've reserved one and there are plenty in stock in my area

Cheers :thumbsup:

I needed another one to play the rayman game i bought yesterday on here.

Jings ,this is an expensive site!!:whistling:

perfect timing
plenty in my area too
Thanksfor the tip :thumbsup:

Seen this is todays paper not only the nunchuck but wii play, wii remote and few other things cheaper than most places also, think its only till sunday though

great finding ... i was looking for one.
Thanks mate.

easily the cheapest around

Cheers Fish. Well that's the last of the kid's prezzie's for when we get back new year . Heat added.




I'm well pleased that I paid full price for three of these at Argos less than a week ago.... :?

16 day no quibble return? Nope - missus has just told me that the lady at the till stated that these are non-returnable, unless faulty. Credit to the Sales Assistant.

Heat anyway...

nice find

Great one. Heat.

anyone know the cheapest place for wii controllers?

nice find heat added


anyone know the cheapest place for wii controllers?

probably through choice uk with wii play. just sell wii play on to bring price down

Excellent, been for mine today, heat added

Can't seem to get the page to load to reserve one. Bet I am too late.

Thanks to OP!

Nice one! needed an extra one of these. hot/repped

How to you get the quidco to validate?
Logged on, went to my earnings, clicked DEC (which I asume means December)transaction has tracked at 00.00, now I am supposed to click validate so I can input my receipt details but I cant find the validate button - what am I doing wrong.

cant see validate either...

Original Poster

Hi, the quidco verification took a couple of days after purchase before it came up on mine.

1. Go to the "earnings" section

2. A simple click through came up as part of a message that says "you've got earnings that require verification" or something similar!

3. After that, enter the info that should be on your argos receipt.

Hope this does the trick...:)

Thanks, just logged in and validated.

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