Wii Party including remote £28 instore @ Tesco

Wii Party including remote £28 instore @ Tesco

Found 1st Dec 2010Made hot 1st Dec 2010
I know that this was posted 4 days ago by Cat410 for Tesco direct but this deal is also available Instore, if there is no stock on the shelf check with Customer service desk. I believe black or white remotes are included too. Thanks original poster Cat410.


Got it for about £15 at PCWorld a few weeks back, thanks to Whizzkid, but this seems good for now.

very good price

i bought this from tesco direct and collected it today,, good but just had email from SHOPTO.NET AND THEY HAVE IT FOR £24.85 IN P & P!!!!!!!!!DRATS!!!!!!

I think that the Shopto.net deal is just for the game and does not include the wii remote?
Shopto Direct Link

Is the included remote motion plus????


Ordered from Tesco Direct a couple of days ago to collect at my local store, which I've still to do cos of this bloomin snow! Great price.


Is the included remote motion plus????

not that link from shopto .
This one comes with remote


spammed as you say posted 4 days ago i got mine instore then.

Ordered, thanks!

got at argos yesterday for £35........... GRRRRRR BRRRRRRR!!! lol

haven't seen any white ones instore only black

Thanks, missed the last offer and so ordered from Game on Fri and its still not arrived. Will return that when it arrives.

Its not letting me give it heat??? help???

8)Just ordered it, thanks!

Just ordered it, thanks!

They had loads in the Chester (Broughton) store tonight. All black though

God son sorted for Christmas. Too lazy and warm at home to risk the snow so £33 for me. Reckon £5 is a small price to pay to avoid going outside at the moment....

Its £37.70 now. Boo

Yep. Expired £37.70 in store now
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