Wii Play and Remote in stock at 24ace.co.uk for £34.99

Wii Play and Remote in stock at 24ace.co.uk for £34.99

Found 7th Nov 2007
Was just searching for this as a xmas present and found it showing as in stock at 24ace. Better than the fortune they are going for on fleabay!

If you use order code 026 and add item 110-195-22WW to your basket you will get a free tin of cadburys roses with your order
- pinkkitty2007
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It says Direct despatch from manufacturer.

Surely this means its out of stock?
It says in stock when you add it to basket. Ive ordered one
crazy deal.. shift them on flebay anyday :P
hmm - their wii consoles also say 'in stock' depite narrative saying they have used all their allocation up and wont get any in till january.

I would take their 'in stock' messages with a pinch of salt.

Great spot if it truly does exist.
Also, it is £5 or more for postage ...
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