Wii Play inc Wii Remote IN STOCK @ ChoicesUK
Wii Play inc Wii Remote IN STOCK @ ChoicesUK

Wii Play inc Wii Remote IN STOCK @ ChoicesUK

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As the title says, the Wii Play inc Wii Remote is in stock at Choices UK for £34.99

See code in the following thread to lower price by 5%

Credit to judderman @ MSE


What ACTUALLY is this?!

Sorry to be thick, but I am!

Is it an extra remote with a game which has 8 mini games on there? If so, is it any good?

9 mini games. They're ok for the extra £5, but nothing special.

It's worth it for the extra Wii Remote, I paid £30 delivered for this and at the time, some places were asking £35 for the Wii Remote alone.

Just bought it. Definitely worth it as the wii remote is expensive enough on its own.

cheers lots of places sold out. was just in the local game store and it was 37.99

I've seen one of this sell for £75 on ebay, i'm sure of it, so someone must like it

Thanks for the pointer mystical Also for the extra info guys ;-)

I saw one go for £262!

One's just gone for £94...

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One's just gone for £94...

What a waste of money :thinking:

There's a lot of fake bidders on ebay.. happens with consoles, mobile phones and mostly electronic goods. They bid high, send a fake paypal payment then hope the seller is foolish enough to post the goods to what tends to be a foreign address.

I just rang choices up and they have sold out, no idea when they are getting more in.

local gamestation had loads in !!!!

also online for arroud £35


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Is that just the game or the game + controller

Their product page is very vague

well i bought mine instore and it was the same price as on the web and i got the remote !!!

Why do they go for so much?!

I don't understand!

I know they could be fake bidders, but people with high feedback (such as 106) surely wouldn't be fake?!

And I defintely don't understand when you can buy them from places like Dixons!!! Not the cheapest granted, but they are in stock!

if you guys dont mind waiting, you can get wii play with remote for only £28 @ play3k.com

If you like easy to play games that are fun with a mate - then WiiPlay is a must buy!

I had some friends over yesterday and wii had a right laugh with the duck hunt and tanks games!!!

Its basically an almost free selection of games with a controler!

Thumbs up from Mii:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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