Wii Play includes Wii remote £26.99 delivered without codes @ Carphone warehouse +£1.35 Quidco

Wii Play includes Wii remote £26.99 delivered without codes @ Carphone warehouse +£1.35 Quidco

Found 12th Sep 2009
A compilation of 9 games suitable for single play but which come to life with two players so the kind people at Nintendo Wii have added an extra controller, free! This is possibly the best games compilation on the planet as it perfectly introduces gamers to the delights of the Wii console and controller and the Wii difference.

Free steering wheel fits with Wii remote that makes the immersive gaming experience even more enjoyable. Compatible with any racing game.
Create your personal Mii character to play as yourself, save it onto the Wii remote and play on a friend's console or choose from up to six ready-made characters. Compete for bronze, silver or gold medals based on high points scoring.

Shooting Range
A modern version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. Shoot the targets on the screen simply by aiming your Wii Remote
Find Mii
Can you spot a face in the crowd? Use your Wii Remote to point out the correct Mii characters as quickly as you can
Table Tennis
How long can you ping pong? Use your Wii Remote like a paddle to bat the ball and try to beat the computer or human opponent
Pose Mii
Twist the Wii Remote to rotate the Mii characters and quickly slot them into the correct positions as they fall down the screen
Laser Hockey
Tilt and turn the Wii Remote to bash the puck into the opponent's goal, in this high-speed arcade-style game
In this version of Nine Ball, aim the Wii Remote at the screen to line up your shot, then pull back and push forward to strike the ball.

Content suitable for all ages. Some non-realistic violence in a comical context may be permitted


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£24.93 at PowerPlayDirect after cashback, £25.64 here.

Also cheaper when not taking into account cashback, £26.99 vs £26.24.

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