wii play, remote and nunchuck - £41.05 inc delivery (after quidco)

wii play, remote and nunchuck - £41.05 inc delivery (after quidco)

Found 27th Jun 2007
wii play, remote and nunchuck delivered for an amazing £41.05 (using a 5% discount code 5offweb) plus 5% quidco! (£43.21 without quidco).


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doesnt any one think this is a good buy? - me thinks its great!

Looks good to me too!

ummmmm havent a clue (:

looks gud........................

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costs almost this for just the wii play from other places (ie john lewis)! so it is a great deal!

You can find Wii Play with a remote for £27.99 at play3k - ]http//ww…38C

And I was sure I saw a nunchuk for £13.99 somewhere...

Failing that, there's a seller on ebay selling a remote and nunchuk together. I managed to win a set for £33!

Can't add an ebay link, so, I can at least post the seller name and details of what to search for...
Search for - "NEW NINTENDO WII REMOTE + NUNCHUK / NUNCHUCK CONTROLLER" (excluding the quotes!). The thumbnail pictures should be of the remote and nunchuk on a green background. And clicking one will show they're from a seller called "sennheiseruk".

There are still loads of them on ebay right now. I JUST got mine in today and have been using them. Brill! I think the packaging looked Japanese. But it still works the same as my UK ones, so all cool! Hope this helps.


got to pay P&P ontop of that though, they are genuine though?

the 5% code doesnt work anymore codes?
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