Wii Play with remote. - £34.89
Wii Play with remote. - £34.89

Wii Play with remote. - £34.89

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Have been looking around and this product seems to be like gold dust. Have just ordered one and currently still showing as in stock.

First post so please go easy, hope this helps those in need.


(Sorry no picture couldn't work out how!!!)

Wii play offers a compilation of 9 fun filled games for the Wii. As well as hours of fun playing classic games such as a laser hockey and table tennis to name a few, Wii play is also bundled with an additional Wii remote, making sure you can make the most of the two player mode. Before you get stuck in be sure to request your Mii character, so they can represent you in the games. If you use your saved Mii character this will ensure you can save all your scores, against your character. Wii play consists of a wide variety of games, the most noticeable being shooting range, because of its reference to classic duck hunt, laser hockey which resembles classic pong or Air hockey. Other games will include Billiards, the well known pool table game and fishing. Also featured is charge, a unique racing game in which you steer a bull ridden by a Mii character. Tanks, battle it out with friends using tanks. Find Mii, follow a series of objectives to seek the Mii characters in the game.


Bundled with a Wii remote
Contains 9 fun and accessible games that can be enjoyed by all ages
Records high scores and awards medals stimulating family and friends to compete
Uses motion sensor, speaker Wii remote memory, and rumble features of Wii remote


This only seems to be for the wiimote...not for the console, as that is showing as out of stock....


Don't forget Quidco 6%


Who mentioned the console lol

So is this a plug and play warming you up for the more expensive console or do you need the console to play? Looking elsewhere online these are sold including two controllers in some places?

This is just a game for the wii. It's rare as it comes with a 2nd wiimote (but no nunchuk) for much less than the game and wiimote seperately.

So yes you need the wii, and the Wii play package only comes with 1 extra wiimote.

Although the Wiimote is only £25 in some places (in stock too)....

Best price I found for Wii Play is £32.99 delivered from ]http//ww…et/

Looking at their site, seems most games are a few £'s cheaper than CDWow and Play.com.

Wii Play currently out of stock from the above, but available to pre-order (which I have done).



Best price I found for Wii Play is £32.99 delivered from … Best price I found for Wii Play is £32.99 delivered from ]http://www.shopto.net/

I ordered from them before xmas, and the recorded delivery package they sent got "lost" in the post...got a refund though.

Same here......

The warehouse manager even said that it had left the warehouse.........

Somethin fishy going on there !!!

£25 delivered (remote only) HERE


(Sorry no picture couldn't work out how!!!)

Click the link in my sig for help on this kind of thing I've also added the price to the thread title.

quidco 6% only for new customer

Argos had them in store at £34.99

I snagged the last one in Cardiff though :P

Tried to get this at the weekend, and a woman in front of me in the Q got the last one in smiths Yeovil, could not find any others in town. Also had one of the PC World ones cancelled. I finally ordered one from gameseek.co.uk for £34.99 on Saturday, but they have now gone up to £39.99. Its says its in the post now so fingers crossed.

Cheers Duffman!

Ordered one, hope it gets here this week! :thumbsup:


Nice one Duffman :thumbsup:
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