Wii Play (With Remote) - Argos Knaresborough (North Yorkshire)

Wii Play (With Remote) - Argos Knaresborough (North Yorkshire)

Found 16th Jan 2009
Popped into my local Argos today where I noticed behind the counter they had a number of Wii Play reduced - part of a Manager's Special. From my experience this is specific to this stroe as the products on offer are basically ones which have been taken back under the 30 day money back guarantee - therefore they are excluded from this, but do have a full 1 year guarantee.

Sorry about the quality of the pic - my camera phone is really bad and they were quite a distance away


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Cold voters - why is this cold? I can't find it cheaper anywhere else

Heat, and just up the road! Nice to see a local deal to me for change

People vote cold when it isn't nationwide.

Store specific offers are not liked by everyone.

Probably come from some chancer who bought a pile of these (and failed) to flog them on eBay at Xmas for a profit.

10/10 for originality in pic.

you've made knaresborough famous ;-)

picture isnt very clear and its a local deal but i am voting hot as uve made a contrubute and effort to the forum

a deal is a deal end of the day
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