Wii Play with Wii Remote £27.99 Delivered + 4% Quidco @ Simply Games
Wii Play with Wii Remote £27.99 Delivered + 4% Quidco @ Simply Games

Wii Play with Wii Remote £27.99 Delivered + 4% Quidco @ Simply Games

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An option for anyone looking for a second Wii Remote and you get some fun games. Blurb about the game:

No matter what your gaming experience Nintendo has just the game for you to play with your friends and family. Wii Play consists of a selection of nine very different mini-games on one game, which are designed to help you master the unique Wii Remote, whilst also providing hours of entertainment. To ensure you can enjoy Wii Play with your friends, the game comes bundled with a free Wii Remote.

Wii Play consists of a variety of quirky games that can be played either alone or with a friend. This includes Shooting Range, which is the first game unlocked and is reminiscent of the classic Duck Hunt (released on the NES). In order to unlock the next game the player simply needs to complete the previous one (this sequence continues throughout). When all of the games have been unlocked players can start earning medals for their performance.

Find Mii involves picking the right face out of a crowd in an environment that constantly changes - its a race against the clock and each other! Pose Mii requires players to make their Mii characters fit into the shapes in the Wii bubbles. To do this they must swing the remote to the right angle to make it fit inside. The psychedelic colours and quirky graphics involved in this puzzle make it instantly addictive.

Other games included are Charge, where players have to hold onto a rampaging bull and try not to fall off! Players steer their bull and make it jump by moving the Wii Remote in the right direction, attempting to knock over scarecrows on the way. Tanks, which also makes use of the Nunchuk controller, tests a players strategic skills encouraging them to leave trails of mines for other tanks to stumble across.

Wii Play also features faithful recreations of real sport games demanding precision and skill with the Wii Remote. In Table Tennis players hold the Wii Remote like a bat and use it to move their on-screen characters hand and return balls. In Fishing players cast their line with similar moves as they would in real life and then wait for a bite before jerking the remote back to hook and reel in a fish. As a pub favourite, Billiards will be an instant hit with older Wii owners. In this game players hold the remote like the back of a snooker cue and use a smooth sliding motion to hit the cue ball. Finally Laser Hockey is a cross between air hockey and ping-pong. Gentle flicks of the wrist are picked-up by the Wii Remote making the pace of the game as relaxed or as frantic as required.

Wii Play takes simple concepts and demonstrates how much fun they can be by using the Wiis unique control mechanism. The Wiis unique Mii channel also allows players to build their own customised avatar that can then star as the central character in Wii Play and other games.


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Is there a better deal for this goin around??

I've seen it in shop places for £25...



I've seen it in shop places for £25...

well cheapest i have seen wii play with a wii remote is 27.99 (i think) but it was out of stock so good find.

btw, played wii-play and the tanks game is sooooooo adictive and I enjoyed lazer hockey. was some what dissapointed with the other games.

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I've seen it in shop places for £25...

You can get the Wii Remote for £25, but I've yet to find anywhere cheaper than this for Wii Play with the Wii Remote (excluding ebay). Care to share your source?

After 56p Quidco takes the price down to £27.43 Delivered and they were in stock last time I checked.


Just ordered Wii Play and Nunchunk from Kays with the £23.50 discount code posted. This comes to £32.50.


well cheapest i have seen wii play with a wii remote is 27.99 (i think) … well cheapest i have seen wii play with a wii remote is 27.99 (i think) but it was out of stock so good find.

I've not seen it any cheaper either, £27.99 seems to be the best price anywhere bar eBay - wii-consoles.co.uk/Wii…asp

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Good thinking on the use of the Kays voucher :thumbsup: £32.50 is a good price for Wii play with Remote and the bonus Nunchuk. If I use the Littlewoods £10 off voucher to place an order for the Nunchuk at £7 then I'll be £1.93 worse off than you! :x

I must confess I did spot this deal thanks to the Wii-Consoles website, worth a look if anyone is looking for Wii Deals.
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