Wii Play with Wii Remote for only £24.99 collect @ PCWORLD + 3% cashback
Wii Play with Wii Remote for only £24.99 collect @ PCWORLD +  3% cashback

Wii Play with Wii Remote for only £24.99 collect @ PCWORLD + 3% cashback

Buy forBuy forBuy for£24.99
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I posted this deal recently as £27.99 but the website stated that it would take 1-3 weeks to arrive, which some people thought was too long, so i continued looking around and the best price i've managed to find is £24.99 with immediate collection at one of your nearest stores.

Don't forget to use Quidco to receive 75p cashback, totaling £24.24 with the Wii Remote included, which normally costs £30 on it's own and if you're a NHS employee, use the 5% discount voucher to receive £1.25 off but i'm not sure if that's just for home delivery or not.

Hope this helps everyone get it cheaper and quicker than my previous post.


perkzjn7 - 5% off

Not available for collection in any stores in West Yorkshire or those it showed in East Grtr Manc.

Store price is £39.99 but you can get free standard delivery anyway

Link : ]http//ww…id=

great find btw

how do you get delivery:thumbsup:

none in teesside durham or sunderland

not showing any in stock down south, but still many thanks , worth a try.x

Not in stock anywhere, tried stores all over the country so i'll believe this one when i see them available!!

Original Poster

It must be instock at some stores, otherwise they don't allow it to be available on pcworlds site, which is what happened when i tried to buy dvd-rw but it was only available for home delivery and wouldn't even give me the option to try and collect in store.

By the way, please accept my appologies about the lack of pic, i'm currently experiencing minor difficulties with my internet explorer 7.

:-( Not available @ Watford and Staples Corner

NHS Discount is supposed to be online only and doesn't allow to be used with collect at store. But if you ask in store they will give it to you normally anyway. If they refuse then speak to manager and say if he doesn't give it to you then you'll just order it online

They prefer to take the sale and keep their figures up


in stores it is £39.99 so you may as well get it online.

but not available for delivery or anywhere in 50 miles of me

none available ...

Just reserved one for collection tomorrow at Liverpool Garston store

Thanks for the heads-up - now all I need is the console

none in N. Ireland either

Colour me impressed, managed to find one local to me.. seems as if stock is being updated all the time. Though it now says item unavailable due to high demand.

None availble in Derbyshire either...think this needs to be 'expired'.

Original Poster


None availble in Derbyshire either...think this needs to be 'expired'.

I don't think it does, as some people are finding stock and some people seem to think that they're updating there stock, so hopefully at least some people will benefit but if it was expired, then no one would.

This is definately not over yet as PC World periodically updates and shows more stock. I grabbed one yesterday which was shipped the same day and should be delivered today, woohoo!!
I have voted hot too!
Thanks to the original OP!

Still around...

Thanks to dhl84 for the reminder

where has another topic of pcworld wii play this morning gone?

I got one should be delivered soon.

I ordered at 11:23 this morning and have already received the tracking info!

Ordered at 10.31 myself and still shows "Order in progress" But then again I chose standard delivery, and don't even have a wii yet, so I can't complain :P

Ordered mine on Tuesday and got it this morning. Pretty good if you ask me.

I ordered mine yesterday and I have now received it today, great delivery for free and at £24.99 what a bargain!

ordered at 10:47am, still order in progress.....;o(

Seems to be gone now. Ordinary (without the game) controller available for £29.99 but no Play packs. :-(

They seem to update stock daily, so it might well be worth checking tomorrow morning.

Cancellation/non acceptance in progress for mine
Anywhere else has it with good price?

Mine's showing the same... Just called them and they gave me some excuse about how they were in stock when I placed the order, but when it came to confirming the order they ran out of stock.
It doesn't look like they'll be getting any more either as it's been taken off the website and the guy I spoke to on the phone said they weren't showing in any stores at all.

Can't get the NHS code to show a discount before I enter payment details. Does anyone else?

Hi, I ordered this Thursday lunchtime and got 2 emails from PC World. 1st one confirmed the purchase and the 2nd was to say they are processing the order.

I've just checked my PC World account on their website and it seems the order is now in the process of being cancelled/not accepted. Surely they can't do this once they've begun processing what was a legitimately priced product?

Not happy ...

Dear Mr X,

Thank you for your recent order PXXXXXXXXX with PC World.

We have received your request not to continue with your order and can now confirm that we have actioned this for you.

If any payment has been taken in relation to this order this will be credited back to you.

We look forward to you shopping with us again soon.

Yours sincerely

PC World Web Sales


Phoned up and got the stock excuse too, think they've realised it was a bit too low?

same here :x

Thanks for all the feedback and stock updates, now marked expired...

Welcome to HotUKDeals to new members here also ;-)

Dear Mr ***,

Thank you for your recent order *********** with PC World.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to process your order as one or more of
the products you have ordered is now out of stock.

Please contact our telesales advisors on 0870 242 0444 who will help you
choose an alternative product. Alternatively you can visit our website at
pcworld.co.uk to browse for a substitute product.

If any payment has been taken in relation to this order, this will be
credited back to you.

Yours sincerely

PC World Web Sales


Cancelled here too

I've replied saying not to cancel my order & i'll wait for stock.......

Thats the 3rd Wii play I've had cancelled

You would think a company as big as PC World would be trustworthy, but lets face it online anything goes.

Was in Game this morning, and they have Wii in stock.
So, I asked counter if they have wii play in stock, and he said yes and asked me to q up.
So, when it was my turn, I was told by the same guy it was sold out!, The woman in front of me got the last one!
I was so angry!!!!!!
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