Wii Remotes £14.99 (instore)

Wii Remotes £14.99 (instore)

Found 20th Dec 2007
Just come back from Chrimbo shopping! Picked up a Wii Remote in the Boscombe (Bournemouth) branch of Game - and they had a sign up saying £5 off!!!! Selling for £14.99

Can't even see them on the Game web site!


I will check out my local store, hopefully they got some at that mad price.
voted hot as its certainly a good deal at your store.

Thanks, will be going to Boscombe in the morning:thumbsup:

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forgot to say, they had about 30 or more in the cabinet behind the till!!:w00t:

Just rang 3 game stores and they know nothing about this price. £5 off would be 27.99 at game retail price? :?


Are you sure your not getting confused with the nunchuck. Thats normally £14.99

You sure? They are selling Nunchucks online for £17.99 - doubt they would be daft enough to flog these @ £15, when they have an RRP of £30 and are really hard to come by in the run up to Xmas........

£5 would make it £25 surely? And game are selling them over the RRP anyway at £32.99

Sounds like Boscombe's gonna be in trouble hehe.

The remote charging docking station is £14.99 down from £19.99...and they have loads of them. Its a picture of the remote about to be put in the charging station. I think a mistake could have been made here

for anyone who wants a nunchuck thingy, sainsburys sell them for £15

went 2 my local and called a few and none of the staff knew about this offer.
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