Wii - Sega Superstars Tennis - £15 Only - Was £32.71
Wii - Sega Superstars Tennis - £15 Only - Was £32.71

Wii - Sega Superstars Tennis - £15 Only - Was £32.71

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Just noticed this in my Local ASDA. Was looking for a copy of Mario Kart, they never had any but had this. Thought other peeps might wanna know.

If you COLD please say why?
If you HOT then thanks.


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Thats a good find and i have played it and it is not to bad a game

May get voted cold as it has ben posted before. Still a good deal though.

already posted - but nice find...

superb price..asda do this now and again I got wario ware smooth moves for £15 last year. Put the deal on here but got comments to suggest I was making it up!!!..heat added

already posted.....

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Blar Never seen it in the ASDA list..

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Its good to see Torres and Rafa on these forums anyway, but I still prefer my Dog in a Jumper Avatar.

dont give up that mariokart search, its brilliant

Did you happen to notice if they had the 360 version at this price, i have been after it since it came out but want it under £20, might have to go for the wii version

Did you see this deal today?

I'm only asking because I thought that the previous post about this said it expired yesterday - if the deal is still on today, i might have a drive down to my local Asda


Yes seen this in my local Asda (liverpool) today as was £15 and no the 360 version was £30 I think.

Don't bother with Mario Kart - it hasn't been well received


Don't bother with Mario Kart - it hasn't been well received

Are you sure Mario Kart Wii hasn`t been well recieved? I`ve not seen any bad reviews for it yet!!

Voted hot, and bought.

Good spot OP !

Why is this expired ?

Just bought from my local store for £15 also, they had loads :thumbsup:


Don't bother with Mario Kart - it hasn't been well received

What...Its awesome
Keep the search going young pedwan learner :thumbsup:


What...Its awesomeKeep the search going young pedwan learner :thumbsup:

I agree, it's great fun to play, the only drawback is most people will end up buying a spare wiimote wheel......

Wondering why this is still marked Expired???

Just picked this up in Asda Perth for £15 about 10 minutes ago and still about 6 copies left on the shelf.
Also bought Sonic and the Secret Rings for £15 also.

By the way Mario Karts Brilliant , dont know why its getting knocked


In stock at ASDA (Rooley Lane) in Bradford

just got last copy from southport

I picked a copy up from Asda in Burnley (Lancs) for £15 earlier today so I'm sure the offer is still on.

I bought this last night - and they had loads left....

This was Avilable in ASDA Cramlington (Newcastle upon - Tyne) yesterday

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I saw this yesterday in Liverpool ASDA. Dunno why its got EXPIRED by it, there where loads of em.

i got two copies from the nottingham hyson green branch at around 9pm last night. top stuff!

Just picked one up from the Tamworth store. Thanks
The still had a few left on their shelves.

This has not expired. 11 copies in Oadby (Leicester) didn't buy one as not sure if it's actually any good or like the table tennis on mario & sonic @ olympics! (pants)

Bought a copy this afternoon, but also heard a sales assistant in Game offer a customer a copy for half price because he was buying Mario Kart so maybe the reduced price is for another reason. Can't vouch how good the game is because I havn't played it yet, but the kids seem to be enthralled with it!

still on sale in leyton temple mills for £15
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