Wii Speak - £9.74 at Head Entertainment!
Wii Speak - £9.74 at Head Entertainment!

Wii Speak - £9.74 at Head Entertainment!

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The Wii Speak hardware is only £9.74 at Head...

Or it was at Meadowhall anyway :-D


descent price

Very good price, have some heat?
Could some Wii speak owners give me a low-down on the pro's & con's of this bit of equipment???

excellent price; looking for one myself - but I think the petrol costs would stack up traveling from the north of scotland. H&R

As far as I know the only software that supports this is animal crossing, which is sold bundled with Wii speak. There is a Wii speak channel, but no other games support the device at present. I can't see why they sell this on its own, maybe they're waiting for more developers to start writing games for it?

The bundle is about £20 extra, but at least you get a game that uses it.

Its for those with chipped Wiis

It's a waste of time to be honest. My wife bought me one thinking it would be similar to the Xbox system but it's completely unless you either have Animal Crossing and want to play it on-line, or have friends that also have a Wii speak so you can use your Wii as a telephone.

where's the deal, the link takes you to Wikipedia. not very good.


descent price

as in going down fast?
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