Wii - Trauma Center: Second Opinion NEW @ Gamestation £12.98 (+5% Quidco)
Wii - Trauma Center: Second Opinion NEW @ Gamestation £12.98 (+5% Quidco)

Wii - Trauma Center: Second Opinion NEW @ Gamestation £12.98 (+5% Quidco)

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Or get PC World to price match it for £10.28 (£39.99 - £12.98 x10% Price Match Difference = £2.70, therefore £12.98 - £2.70 = £10.28!!!!)

Believe it or not it is cheaper to get it new from Gamestation than it is pre-owned - its £17.99 Pre-owned lol.

Unsure if this is available offline as well?


Good price for an interesting game.

a good game at a great price by all accounts.
quick review found at gamespot:

The Good

* Fast-paced puzzle action gameplay shows off a lot of what the Wii Remote can do
* surprisingly engaging storyline rife with the best kind of anime melodrama
* multiple difficulty settings make the high level of challenge more manageable
* controls do a great job of simulating some surgical procedures.

The Bad

* While the presentation looks good, it feels dated--no support for widescreen 480p displays
* some scenarios demand trial and error or punishing degrees of precision.

Voted hot. Though I've spent too much this month.

Ok game, but doesn't add anything to the DS version if you have that already. And basically has the same graphics as the DS too. We rented it, and were glad we did as it is a little disappointing, but maybe worth this money, not the 25 quid it has been for ages.

hey! excellent price.. been waiting on this to drop for AAAAAAAAAAGES. have purchased. hot!

Been waiting for this to drop -great price!

Cracking game! A friend of mine (who is a games whizz) tells me it's a MEGA TOUGH game! Should keep any hardcore gamer entertained... HOTTTTTT!

Great game, great price...although i've spent too much this month so can't buy it *sob*

Thanks, just ordered!

Thanks, been thinking of buying this for a while. Bought it from the Gamestation in town

Good deal, phoned PC World got price match, collected in-store today @ £10.28. Not bad when £34.99 in-store and £39.99 on web site.

Has any1 had problems with gamestation online? When ever i order they either dont process my order or keep saying this item doesnt exist, i swear they have database problems.

Out of stock:x

just got mine through and its a pre owned copy, phoned customer service and they said they have no new stock left and i should go to one of the gamestation stores and they will exchange it for a new copy but been to 2 local stores and neither have new copys instore.

Did this happen to anyone else?

Still a good price but was a present and the disc is a bit scratched and the box has some marks on it, a bit dissapointing to say the least!

Just got it for £10.97 on a price match @ PC World.

The Instore price @ PC World is £28.98.

So 110% price match promise should have made it £28.98 - £12.98 = £16 difference.

£12.98 - £1.60 = 11.38.

But the CA couldn't work it out, so gave it to me for £10.97 :? Weird.

I'm not complaining though.
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