Wii Triple Pack Raving Rabbids Party Collection £9.85 @ Zavvi (less with 15% off code)
Wii Triple Pack Raving Rabbids Party Collection £9.85 @ Zavvi (less with 15% off code)

Wii Triple Pack Raving Rabbids Party Collection £9.85 @ Zavvi (less with 15% off code)

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Not one, not two, but three Raving Rabbids games packing over 175 minigames

Witness the craziness of the Rabbids in Rayman Raving Rabbids, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party!

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids marks the return of the iconic video-game hero, Rayman, in his funniest and zaniest adventure ever. When the world of Rayman is threatened by a devastating invasion of crazed, out-of-control bunnies Rayman must rise up against his furry foes to foil their wicked plans. Utilizing an array of amazing new abilities, and with the help of magical creatures, Rayman must break out all the moves to save his world from these delirious bunnies and their hare-raising antics.


* Combat the Ultra-Crazed Evil Rabbits – Take control of Rayman and his knack for attack to help save his world from the raving rabbids. They are mischievous, insane and completely out of control. There are several types of rabbids each with its own mischievous characteristics.
* Master and Ride Creatures – Tame and control various creatures such as sharks, eagles, rhinos, spiders and angelfish. Rayman can master each animal’s unique capabilities to help in his battle against the devious rabbits.
* Dress to Impress – Customize and disguise Rayman. Go punk, pop, rock or hip hop to infiltrate the bunnies and foil their devious plans.
* Explore the Colorful Fantastic World of Rayman – Explore amazing free-roaming environments and beautiful epic landscapes that mix real and fantastical styles to create a visually stunning experience.
* With more than 16 million copies sold to date, Rayman® is Ubisoft’s best-selling and longest-running video game franchise. Created by Ubisoft’s Game Designer Michel Ancel when he was only 19, the character with no arms and no legs has attracted gamers of all ages.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

After invading the world of Rayman in Rayman Raving Rabbids, the insane Rabbids have a new objective in Raving Rabbids 2: THE INVASION OF PLANET EARTH! Setting their home base at a shopping mall, the Rabbids try to study human behavior and mimic everything humans do in funny, illogical ways. As part of their training, the Rabbids must carry out several missions around the globe to prepare themselves for world domination. Rayman will attempt to infiltrate the Rabbids, disguised as one of them, in a mission to foil their crazy plans and save Earth.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Features:

* New wacky Raving Rabbids 2 games: 60 brand-new games that spoof popular culture and are even wackier than those featured in the first Rayman Raving Rabbids.
* Unique use of the Wii Remote: Discover new, innovative ways to play Raving Rabbids 2, with eight types of gameplay, including shaking, precision, dexterity and balance.
* Travel around the world: Take Rayman on a world tour to defend Earth from the Rabbids invasion. Travel to five different regions such as the USA, Europe and Asia, where players will challenge the Raving Rabbids in the local environments.
* Customise Rayman and the Rabbids: Use more than 110 items (skins, hats, accessories and clothes) to dress Rayman and create your own Rabbids. Unleash your creativity with over 540K customization combinations.
* Multiplayer Rayman Raving Rabbids experience: Play Raving Rabbids 2 co-op or battle up to three friends in all the games unlocked in the single-player campaign.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

The Rabbids have taken over almost every channel you can imagine, from music to movies – even TV ads! Help the Rabbids destroy all our daily viewing and drive Rayman crazy.

In Story Mode, play through a week of television, with each day bringing new wacky challenges of skill and insane movements in a compilation of mini-games. With up to eight players in turn-based mode and four players simultaneously, get ready for you and all your friends to go insane!

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party For Nintendo Wii Features:

* Unique use of the Wii Balance Board - Play loads of exciting new games with the new Wii Balance Board and experience the first game in the world that you can play with your rear end!
* New wacky games - 65+ brand-new games that spoof popular culture, from TV series to TV classics, not to mention insane ads!
* All-new party mode - Play co-op or battle your friends simultaneously with up to four players, or go crazy with up to eight players in party mode! You can even sabotage your friends while they are playing!
* Unique use of the Wii Remote - Discover new and innovative ways to play with eight types of gameplay, including shaking, precision, dexterity and balance.
* Shake that Rabbid - Use the Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board to dance and wiggle your booty.
* Customize your bunny - Pimp your bunny out, take his photo and send it to your friends online.


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or possibly evencheaper with 15% OFF rewardyourthirst.com/ voucher if you have any (haven't tried it though)

It is a good price, but availability says Usually dispatched within a month

I ordered it in December and after not hearing a thing in a month, cancelled and ordered from Amazon when on offer there.

So basically, be prepared for a wait at this price from Zavvi

Shame it's "dispatched within a month"!

I think if you look at past posts for this people are waiting laterally months for Zavvi to deliver. Amazon frequently have it on for this price or cheaper. I gave up waiting for Zavvi and ordered from Amazon when I saw they had it in and got it dispatched in a couple of days. Unfortunately Amazon don't seem to have it at the moment so could be worth ordering from Zavvi and then cancelling and ordering from Amazon if they get it in before Zavvi have dispatched.

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I've ordered from Zavvi before many times and it always comes in reasonable time (about 5 maybe 7 days).

within a month = out of stock
been posted a few times too so should be spammed for both reasons although code does make a difference.

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Got the email 2 days ago that my order has been dispatched!! So as predicted earlier takes about a week!
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