Wii U: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition £10 @ Game instore

Wii U: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition £10 @ Game instore

Found 25th Jun 2014
First deal posted (I think) so go easy :-)

Just picked this up for Wii U, new, in Game Gloucester. It had one of their red sale stickers on. Not sure if its national but definitely the cheapest I've seen for new.


No sure why this is cold... £10 is a good deal for this game

Typical, if it was site as well I'd grab as GAME is extinct near me.

Good price, heat added.

Not as good as Mario Kart 8, but heat added because this is a fantastic price for this game. You can also play as Wreck-It Ralph, which should appeal to any Disney fans out there.

Good find.

Worth it for the 'Outrun Bay' bonus track!

Great game.

Random question: is there a standard version of this game? Always seem to see limited edition.

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I've never seen an unlimited one.

Not sure though if different platforms have different extras which makes it "limited" to that platform.

The Wii U version is definitive version and includes the following features;

Limited Edition DLC (Metal Sonic and Outrun Bay) included on disc instead of as a online pass esque code that came with all other versions of the game (excluding possibly the PC version also but am unsure on that one).

5 player split screen multiplayer (as opposed to a max of 4 players on other versions) *4 players on TV, 1 on gamepad.

Monkey Ball & Shinobi modes

Wii U Gamepad acts as map, weapon cam and rear mirror

Also the ability to play as your Mii
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This is also in the both the Leicester City Centre stores, as is Super Mario U for £20 (my Mum's been dying for this game since she played it instore when the Wii U first released!)

£12.99 online at game seems like its not national wide

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The online prices at game very rarely match the store. much like HMV used to be.
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