Wii U - ZombiU - £6.49 @ Toys R Us - Click and Collect Only

Wii U - ZombiU - £6.49 @ Toys R Us - Click and Collect Only

Found 6th Jan 2015Made hot 6th Jan 2015
Maybe relevant if you have a Toys R Us close by (and they have it in stock)

If not you can have sent from Amazon for £7.95 (see deal posted earlier).

Thought people may like the option.


I always wonder if they are still pressing copies of this or if just old stock still knocking about. It's approaching 1million copies sold though... not too shabby you know.

I've heard good reviews about this so I'll have a go at that price!

I'd say something nice about it (it's actually really good), but I've currently fallen out with it after it crashed at 24 hours progress and wouldn't let me continue thanks to the nature of the save system and the leaderboards so I'm sulking.

Cracking deal just ordered the amazon one but none of these in stock near me anyway

This is a fantastic game, works so well with the Wii U setup. It's a real shame it only got to a limited audience, this could of been a huge franchise starter had it been on other consoles with same dual screen functionality!
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