Wii Zapper - Amazon France In Stock approx £25 delivered

Wii Zapper - Amazon France In Stock approx £25 delivered

Found 7th Jan 2008
Have been after one of these for ages - well ever since tesco cancelled my pre-Christmas order on me..

They seem to be OOS everywhere in the UK and this is the best available from Europe that I can find.

£25 is better than the £35 (or more) which seems to be the going rate on flea-bay


Sainsburys in Winchester had at least two instore on Saturday for £19.99, probably worthwhile checking around for local stock in brick and mortar stores before resorting to L'Amazon :thumbsup:

I found one yesterday in HMV in Durham

Got ours from Woolworths for £19.99 :-D

£16 in Toys R Us on release day - ;-)

Toys'r'us Glasgow Forge Retail Park had zappers in stock with Links crossbow training on saturday for I think £20. If I'd known then that it was so hard to get I'd have grabbed one!! Probably sold out now but may be worth trying for anyone passing that way.

Just checked the online price (where its out of stock) and it is £19.99 - maybe worth a phone call to your local store??

I think this is a bad deal. These are in and out of stock at Gamestation for £19.99. Give it a week or two and the stock problems will settle down. Sorry voting cold as £24.99 is 25% more than the general asking price for these. As for comparing it to prices on fleabay - fleabay prices are generally set by scalpers who take advantage of low stocks.

Good if someone cant wait for stock levels to increase though.

****** deal... bought mine wednesday for £12.74 at WH Smith... used the £5 clubcard points when u spend £20.
£19.99 it was, plus bought some chewing gum... £20.50, staff discount at 12.5%, then the £5.20 clubcard points I got from the transaction... and bammmmmmm £12.74... and minty fresh breath!!! BEAT THAT!!!

Something similar here for £7.37 for anybody who's interested: dealextreme.com/det…478

Despite some ppl striking it lucky I've been search for the last 3/4 weeks for one of these without any luck. It's a good deal and could easily be resold for a nice profit on Ebay.
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