Wii Zapper & Links Crossbow Training £11.99 @ 7dayshop

Wii Zapper & Links Crossbow Training £11.99 @ 7dayshop

Found 25th Sep 2009
Looks like a good price to me.

Nintendo Official Accessories - Wii Zapper & Links Crossbow Training

Put yourself in LINK's boots and take aim with this all new target shooter.

Link’s Crossbow Training sees each player take on the role of Link in a series of exciting and fast-paced challenges set in the world of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

The Wii Remote and Nunchuk both take on a new feeling when placed within the Wii Zapper. In Link’s Crossbow Training use the Wii Remote in the Wii Zapper to aim at targets on the screen, with the Nunchuk controlling movement. On the Wii Remote, players simply press down the trigger (the B Button) to fire, or continue the pressure for a more powerful shot. They can also re-position themselves, turning in different directions byaiming the pointer off-screen. On the Nunchuk the Z-Button acts as a zoom function for the camera so that the shot is completely on target.

Get accustomed to the Wii Zapper with Link’s Crossbow Training and practice Target Shooting as well as the Defender and Ranger modes, ensuring an action-packed experience in numerous stages spread over nine levels. The object of each stage is to achieve the highest score before time runs out.

Utilising the innovative Wii Zapper allows you to take aim and fully immerse yourself into the game in a completely new way!

* In target-shooting rounds, players shoot bull'seyes as they pop up on the screen. In early stages, targets are stationary. As the game difficulty increases in later levels, the targets move.

* In defender rounds, players remain stationary but can look and aim in all directions sometimes even in a full 360 degrees by aiming off screen.

* In ranger rounds, players can move throughout the level using the control stick and aim anywhere they want by aiming the Wii Zapper wherever they want to look.


Yes, the cheapest I have seen is always around £14.99 then there is always the postage to consider.

In this case the post is free for normal (slow) delivery.

The TERMS say

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great game and at a good price

Well worth £11.99 just for the zapper let alone the game which is pretty good

Seems to have gone......


I can't seem to find this either via the link or using their search function. Anyone had better luck?

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