Wii Zapper + Links Crossbow Training - £16.97
Wii Zapper + Links Crossbow Training - £16.97

Wii Zapper + Links Crossbow Training - £16.97

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Head back to Hyrule for some target practice in Links Crossbow Training on Wii. Set amid some of the stunning locations first introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Links Crossbow Training is an action-packed shooting game that comes bundled exclusively with the Wii Zapper peripheral.

The game places you in the role of legendary hero Link as he returns to some familiar territories in Hyrule and masters the art of crossbow shooting. Simply slot a Wii Remote and Nunchuk into the Wii Zapper, point it where you want to aim and press the B Button to unleash an arrow at your intended target. You can zoom in on targets by holding the Z Button, or charge up an extra powerful shot by holding the B Button for a few seconds before releasing it. In the so-called Free Movement Combat levels, you can also take control of Link and move him through the level with the Nunchuk Control Stick.

You will play your way through nine different levels, re-visiting the likes of Snowpeak Ruins and Kakariko Village as you try to take out as many targets as possible before the clock runs out. Each level consists of three stages. Target Shooting levels will call on you to simply test your accuracy by aiming for the centre of targets that pop up around the landscape, while Fixed Combat levels place you on a battlefield and require you to spin through 360 degrees as you defend yourself from attackers closing in on all sides. On Free Movement Combat levels, you`ll have to go hunting for a set number of enemies and dispatch of them within the time limit.

Racking up a high enough score across the three separate stages will clear the way for you to progress to the next level, with accuracy the key as you try to build up your points. Higher scores are awarded when you notch up a run of direct hits without wasting an arrow, and it`s also worth letting loose on your surroundings to smash jars, skulls and barrels that might contain hidden bonus items. Your job will


cant add it to my basket!

Got this last time it was available at Tesco Jersey prior to xmas - it is fab!!

product unavailable:-(

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It has sold out very quick.....I have expired it.....
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