Wii Zapper/Remote Gun - £9.99 @ play.com
Wii Zapper/Remote Gun - £9.99 @ play.com

Wii Zapper/Remote Gun - £9.99 @ play.com

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Was just looking on play's site and noticed the wii zapper on preorder. I think its the official version, not to sure if the game comes with it though(the zelda mingame). But as £10 its not bad.


gtreat price these have been £14.xx on tescos earlier

realistic price for a piece of plastic

oops sorry maybe not a great price coz other deals had game with it too

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will check up on it to see if it has the game....

Judging by the picture I DON'T think it's the official one.
From the reviews I've read it's only worth getting for the game anyway.


if you search for zapper on play, there is a seperate listing.

nintendo arent stupid, they wouldnt release it for £14.99 with an £9.99 without the game. you either pay for the official one, or risk an unofficial one which might not be as good.

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i saw the one with the game, but no price so thought it was just an error, and so quoted from this link

pictures definatly not an official one, if you compare the pics side by side the play one is definatly different.



This is a third party accessory - like the thousands on fleabay. You can tell by looking at the handle - the official one is rounded, whilst the 3rd party one is square. If you want one of these, you are better off buying the official Zapper from Nintendo as the quality will be guaranteed and it will be supplied with Link's Crossbow Training. £5 more for the pucka one here.....]http//ww…per

this has no game am i right?

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My bad, i only had time to do a quick search... still waiting on an email back from them so not sure on the game

well its not called the wii zapper so its definitely not the official one...

From what I've read about the Zapper it's next to useless and can actually detract from some games, so the only real reason to pick it up is to get the Zelda game.
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