Wikinger-German hot dogs 720G-2 for 2£ in Asda
Wikinger-German hot dogs 720G-2 for 2£ in Asda

Wikinger-German hot dogs 720G-2 for 2£ in Asda

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I saw the Wikinger hot dogs are back in store. They are really delicious. The were almost similar in Lidl (75% pork) for 0.99p but this one contains 15% pork and plenty of turkey.


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Can someone explain why it's voted cold?

I havent voted but people tend to cold vote something that they dont want or like...
Maybe its not everyones "Hot Deal"

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I think people should vote for the deal from the point if the deal is good as deal for all or not. I personally do not vote cool if I do not any better deal. If I know any better deal I just add it in the comments.

HOT dog!


perhaps because it isn't a good deal compared to what you said was on offer at lidl which was the same price (£1 each) but with a much better percentage of pork.

These hot dogs may taste really nice, but when you consider that these type of sausages are often made from reclaimed processed meat, it might be offputting to those who have voted these cold. The fact that various types of meat are mixed together from left over carcases, and that these may be from animals for which the best parts were used for other things, whereas what is left on the bone may be extracted and used for these hot dogs may be unappetising. I have eaten these sausages myself but you really have to put out of your mind where the meat may come from to do so.. .... I would recommend vegetarian hot dog sausages instead which do taste good and are actually really good for you..! I picked up a pack to go in the freezer from Tesco relatively inexpensively and they were really similar to these meat ones. They are £1.91 for 10 at Tesco (300g)and only need to be boiled for a short time. Far far healthier!:santa:
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