Wild China (Blu-ray) - £6.99 @ Amazon
Wild China (Blu-ray) - £6.99 @ Amazon

Wild China (Blu-ray) - £6.99 @ Amazon

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Great documentary, thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Now going to get it for Blu-Ray (already had it on DVD) to watch it again!

Beautifully filmed and soothingly narrated by Bernard Hill (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Wild China takes an expansive look at the fourth largest country in the world. Over a period of more than six hours, the miniseries--which was co-produced by the BBC and China's CTV--lets viewers into a world that is straddling the line between modern-day efficiency and old world traditions. Fans accustomed to travelogues with personable hosts such as quirky Anthony Bourdain or perky Samantha Brown leading them through far away places may get a little bored with the hands-off approach here. But the beauty of this production is in the country and the people, and the way the filmmakers present them in crisply edited vignettes. We see the jumping spiders atop Mount Everest, the winding grace of the Great Wall, and of course some shy pandas that many people equate with China. But some of the best moments are the simple ones--children in a classroom, fishermen working the waters, and monks meditating in monasteries. As did the Planet Earth series, Wild China makes viewers wish they were there. The film doesn't touch heavily on the politics of China, but it isn't lacking because of the omission. As it is, Wild China ends all too soon, leaving viewers longing for more for a country that once didn't welcome foreigners in.


Does anyone do this type of series better than the BBC?

Great buy.

I want a Bamboo Bat!!

hot, cheers for this deal.


Does anyone do this type of series better than the BBC?Great buy.

Human Planet, Madagascar, Planet Earth, Life, Wonders of the Solar System, Yellowstone etc...
BBC ftw!


thanks ordered

Seems good, will order!

No 1080P. might be a bit disappointing!

Review here
Wild China

The Video: Sizing Up the Picture

"Even though it was shot using the same high definition cameras as its BBC documentary brethren, ‘Wild China’s 1080i/VC-1 transfer doesn’t exhibit the polish or sheen of ‘Planet Earth,’ the fine texture detailing of ‘Galapagos,’ or the bold palette of ‘Ganges.’ That’s not to suggest the presentation is a complete loss, but rather that it lacks strength and consistency when compared to similar BD documentaries on the market. Primaries are washed out much of the time, colors lack vibrancy and stability on seemingly random occasions, and black levels aren’t always fully resolved. To make matters worse, some key shots are downright soft, others suffer from hazy backgrounds, and even more are plagued with light artifacts and source noise.

On the upside, contrast is above average, some episodes look better than others, and detail is generally sharp enough to make it obvious you’re watching a high-def disc. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Wild China’s transfer isn’t problematic enough to ruin this release, but it merely offers an average picture that will frustrate fans of other, more impressive BBC Blu-ray releases"
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Hot got me one!

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Just to let you guys know, this offers back on!
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