Wild Earth - African Safari Nintendo Wii £7.73 + Free Delivery @ The Hut
Wild Earth - African Safari Nintendo Wii £7.73 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Wild Earth - African Safari Nintendo Wii £7.73 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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Complete 11 picture-taking missions with both primary and secondary objectives. Investigate the bold hyena during a midday thunderstorm. Observe gentle giraffes in the hidden valley from the aerial view of a helicopter. Meet a family of elephants as they take care of their young, etc.

An exclusive new Safari Mini-Game mode only for the Wii lets you use the Wii Remote to play from the animal's perspective in 11 different games

Includes more than 30 African animals including: cheetah, crocodile, crowned crane, elephant, flamingo, frog, bat, gazelle, giraffe, hippo, hyrax, leopard, lion, ostrich, oxpecker, pangolin, rhinoceros, suricate, tortoise, trout, vulture, warthog, wildebeest and zebra

Brand new cooperative multiplayer mode gives players the choice to drive the vehicle or snap photos while playing with anywhere from 1 to 3 friends.

Photos collected are placed into an animated slide show presentation of informative articles. In addition, players can select their own favorite photos to keep in their portfolio.

The Impact Meter tracks how much of a disturbance you are to the natural habitat. If you disturb too many animals or get to close to them, your Wii Remote will rumble at varying degrees, making it harder to take a steady picture. If the Impact Meter becomes completely depleted, you fail the mission.

Experience accurately presented flora and terrain from the Serengeti National Park in Africa, at different times of day and in varied weather. Grasses, shrubs, flowers, kopjes (rocky outcroppings), streams and lakes provide a life-like experience and terrific photo opportunities.

Features hours of inspiring soundtrack from the world music label Talking Drum Records in Santa Monica, CA


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It's a kids game; and there are some more detailed reviews ]HERE ie they go into a bit more detail than "meh"

If you do well in the 'kids' setting, you unlock 'BIG GAME HUNTER' mode and can take out all the cuddly animals with a cool sniper rifle and trade their tusks, hides and horns for Wii points!


sounds like pokemon snap!

We have Hakuna Matata on the Ps3, is it the same sort of thing?

Looks good to me. Hot.:thumbsup:

Over £11 now.
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