Wild Turkey 101 £25.00 on Amazon

Wild Turkey 101 £25.00 on Amazon

Found 25th Sep 2017
Wild Turkey 101 (the better one IMO) is down to a bit more reasonable £25.

Lowest it's been for a while by the looks of things.
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Yep... Got this to taste when was £18 in june and definitely one of the better bourbons
Love this, but still have a bottle left from when it was £18. Very strong!
Got this when it was £18 after everyone kept polluting standard Wild Turkey 81 threads with their opinion on how much better this stuff is.

I thought it was ok. Nothing special. But this is a decent price if you like it, so heat.

This Turkey is not wild enough
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classic strong bourbon at sensible price
If you's think this is strong wait until you try the rare breed
It's worth a gobble!
The 81 I bought was so bad it has totally put me off the brand. Is the 101 really that much better?
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