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Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 50.5% 70cl £27.50 (Subscribe and Save £24.75 / £20.62 with 15% voucher) @ Amazon

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Great price for this bourbon. Possibly even cheaper with 15% subcribe and save


Why is it called Wild Turkey 101?


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  1. Avatar
    £19.24 for me on S&S with 15% voucher. Weird everyone is getting different prices.

    Never tried before, I'm a JD sort of guy, will I enjoy this?
    Should do, it's much much nicer than JD imo.
  2. Avatar
    Would this be wasted adding coke to it?
    Your whisky, enjoy it how you like. But do at least try neat with maybe a few drops of water 💧
  3. Avatar
    Thanks for posting, £19.24 for me too - very nice
  4. Avatar
    Was already on S+S but redoing it saved me £5. Thanks OP.

    Also moved my next delivery up to Friday. Dry January has gone on long enough (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Only goes to £24 for me so not so great sadly
    Me too i may have cancelled my subscription too many times lol (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Showing as £24.75 for me
  7. Avatar
    £19.24, brill thanks OP
  8. Avatar
    Decent price, gotta get the wife some.
    Yep she drinks it too quickly
  9. Avatar
    Coming in at £19.24 for me. Very good deal!
  10. Avatar
    it seems £20.62 s&s is user specific ,for me shows £27.50 full price and £24.75 s&s so not really a great deal. (edited)
    Same for me
  11. Avatar
    20.62 for me , thanks op
  12. Avatar
    Deal price should be £27.50, even though some can get it cheaper with S&S vouchers.

    Edit: Showing correct price now (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Really good Bourbon, especially at this price. 50% alcohol content so go easy with it
  14. Avatar
    A great drop
  15. Avatar
    Heat, just finished my last bottle! Perfect timing!
  16. Avatar
    Heat added. £20 a bottle for me.
    Thank you for posting.
  17. Avatar
    Thank you. Good price. Nice one
  18. Avatar
    £20.62 for me, so thank you very much!
  19. Avatar
    It's been this price for ages, got a few in December for £20. Nice bourbon
  20. Avatar
    Paid 19.24 and its a bargain. Have 2 bottles spare already but rude not to!
  21. Avatar
    Apologies if anyone mentioned it, but came out at £35.37 for 2 bottles when I ordered
    This was with 10% s&s saving, plus 15% voucher
    Not sure why it was so cheap, any other multiple I tried came out around £20 a bottle, but under £18 is a bargain!
  22. Avatar
    £27.50 is cheap? Definitely No recession for hotukdeals peeps!
  23. Avatar
    Just in time for wet February!
  24. Avatar
    Very nice indeed!
  25. Avatar
    £20.62 for me. Worth it all day long. Cheers mate (edited)
  26. Avatar
    How does this compare to the 81? Just ordered a bottle of that for £14
    101 is much stronger as it’s 50.5% alcohol
    81 is 40.5%
  27. Avatar
    Cracking deal, had a few glasses at the weekend. One of my favourites, the standard one is nice, but this is a step up.
  28. Avatar
    Thanks, it was time for re-stock
  29. Avatar
    Heat. Allowed me to apply the voucher despite having on S&S previously. Thank you
  30. Avatar
    Jessica Jones whiskey of choice
  31. Avatar
    £16.87 for the standard wild turkey using subscribe and save plus the 15% off voucher
  32. Avatar
    Expired now £27.50
    No, it is not expired. The 15% off is applied at the checkout.
  33. Avatar
    It says. Unfortunately not eligible for this voucher?
  34. Avatar
    Is it as good as Makers Mark 46?
    I’d say it’s 50/50, I prefer wt101 others prefer mm46 but the fact this is a good £10 cheaper would make a big difference. It’s got more floral notes but doesn’t have much heat.
  35. Avatar
    Any good?
  36. Avatar
    Personally I went for the 40% for 16 quid - strength isn't everything
    101 is superior..not just because it's stronger.
    81 is an average bourbon imo.not a fan.
  37. Avatar
    £20.62 for me. Apparently the benefit of this brand is that it is has absolutely no effect on your liver or levels of consciousness
  38. Avatar
    Just drinking some now i bought it a while ago. It's ok but i'd rather drink woodford
  39. Avatar
    Perfect thanks
  40. Avatar
    ordered, not tried this yet always looking to expand my bourbon repotoire
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