Wilkinson Hand Blender Set £12 @ Wilkinson (Wilkinson Plus)

Wilkinson Hand Blender Set £12 @ Wilkinson (Wilkinson Plus)

Found 9th Dec 2012
Hand blender reduced down to £12 from £15. 300W, has 2 different speed settings and 3 attachments. Also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

I was going to buy one of these at £15 but my local Wilkinsons have been out of stock for the last month or so. I just checked after seeing another post about a hand blender which reminded me about this one. I'm not sure what the quality of this blender is as I can't see any reviews for it, but compared with other blenders that have the same attachments this seems like a good price.

(Currently showing as none in stock online but should be in-store)
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thanks for the post :~)

Broken … Broken linkhttp://www.wilkinsonplus.com/blenders-mixers+food-processors/wilko-hand-blender-set/invt/0316227

Thank you for spotting that I'm not sure what I did to the original link, sorry about that!
Brill was after a new one
phew i need one of these....
If anyone has a free delivery code for this please post it. Need to replace some Pyrex dishes that my lovely housemate smashed, so much cheaper than everywhere else but no wilkinsons in brighton to collect from and p&p makes them less of a bargain
I needed this. Off to wiko's tmrw.....
Great price thanks will pop in there tuesday
Good price for that much but will it last long enough!
Great Deal. Sorry I missed it

Great Deal. Sorry I missed it

Yes, it does look like they are now out of stock If you have a Wilkinson's nearby then you can try and pop in to see if they have any in stock. I am going to go tomorrow to see if they are the same price
Super price
Still available in store

Still available in store

Did you happen to see if the price is £12? I'm not going to be able to go into town until Friday/Saturday so I wasn't able to check. If they are that price in-store then hopefully this deal can be unexpired
Hope quality is good, have some heat for price
who wants to blend a hand?

Psychopaths & serial killers, that's who.
Seems to be available for online order/collect in store again.
Bought one of these a year or so ago, don't leave it running for a long time, pulse it instead, mine overheated as I was blending soup only a couple of months after purchasing. I'd probably buy a more expensive one next time though!
Plenty of these in Bolton store got one in January and it is used regularly and still works perfect x
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