Wilkinson Shave Soap Bowl @ Tesco (Instore) - £2

Wilkinson Shave Soap Bowl @ Tesco (Instore) - £2

Found 20th Dec 2014
Hardly deal of the year or going to appeal to many, but....

Wilkinson Shaving Soap usually less irritating than the cans of foam.

Found this in my local Tesco (not special offer, just standard price).
I use to buy Crabtree & Evelyn but they are £8 so this seems to be good value


Also £2 at wilko if that's nearer for people


I've been using this for ages. More expensive than Boots refills, but lasts MUCH longer.

I usually get mine from Wilkinson's for the same price: wilko.com/sha…981

Good price but not keen of the smell. Reminds me of the pucks you see in urinals. Palmolive sticks are cheaper and probably better but each to their own.

I prefer erasmic which is 2.19 in Lloyd and possibly cheaper in House of Boyes. But the wilki stuff does last. For a really nice shave try to get hold of some proraso.

Link to erasmic

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cheers for all the suggestions.
I guess i was stuck in my ways and only using Crabtree
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