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Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor, +Shaving Brush, +Soap Bowl +5 blades £13.25 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
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Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor, +Shaving Brush, +Soap Bowl +5 blades £13.25 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)

Posted 6th Dec 2019

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Amazon deal on prime for best immediate availability price
Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Gift Set, Shaving Brush, Soap Bowl with x5 blades

Good deal if looking for a cheap starter set for yourself or xmas presents (however I would hunt down some alternate blades, a styptic pencil & some proraso for some alternate blade & shave cream feel.

Separate price for all the kit is considerably higher compared to this little "hit" of DE for beginners. (its a butterfly mechanism type razor).

NB can be had cheaper "potentially" on a subscribe & save ..if you want to risk it! (not recommended)

Yes you could spend more, you could spend less (a chinese knock off) whilst quite rudimentary this is a "classic" razor from one of the originators.
I'll be buying this for a spotty bum fluffed teen friend of my daughters with a few extra bits for easier adjustment to a cheap shave.
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NB: the razor on its own (also on prime) is £10 ..so not a bad tidy little set.
Add in amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1 (styptic pencil) £2.10 maybe.

if going all out buy into this, keep 2 & give one away (£12.99 for 3 large proraso shave creams)

I hit that deal last week when the proraso (above) was £8.94 ..still a good price now!
Great price!
Nice. I started out years ago DE shaving on a Wilkinson, it was the only safety razor still available in my local high street shops. Moved onto several vintage Gillettes, vegan shaving brush and soap, but still use Wilkinson blades.

edit: price gone up to £16 now.
edit2: if you make up a set as a pressie, the £10 razor is still ok, soap is cheap, and if you don't want an animal hair brush, how about : amazon.co.uk/Syn…JD5
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Damn thats what happens when you post on HUKD GRRR!
I recently switch back over to safety razors after using both electric and disposable.
These are cheaper and more environmental friendly.

However until you get used to using it, it is not you friendly.
Expect lots of nicks and more than a few cuts.

Add a few a styptic pencils to the order.

And do not do what I did.
A family member bought me some after shave balm.
I had used this before so did not read the package carefully.
The one I had previously used contained Aloe Vera, very soothing.
This one contained Witch Hazel.
After I had managed to peel myself off the ceiling, words were said.
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