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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blades Refill (Pack of 8) £3.75 ASDA
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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blades Refill (Pack of 8) £3.75 ASDA

Posted 25th Jan 2014Available: National

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Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Blades Refill (Pack of 8).

Being cleared for £3.75 instead of £14.99! Prompted by the other ASDA healthcare post I went to have a look and found these in Broadstairs. I had to buy the razor but that was £4.50 at the moment too. Several other razor packs but for 8 x 5 blades this seemed a great bargain!
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Agree a bargain !!!. Either get masses or do ad I am considering when used up my supplies and try a double sided shaver numerous previous listings from amazon . cost you around £25 for razor but blades only pence. They say 2D give a closer shave and save you ££££s in long run. The sooner make switch more save. I'm fed up paying £6 for pack of 4 blades. !!!
In store only?
What about the superior hydro 3?
Was there many of these left ?
I had three, about 8 left
It was proved on the shelf so I would say it might be online too. Not a sticker reduction so you might be lucky
I checked this morning SEL £14.99........scanned at £14.99 , this was Ellesmere port
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My favorite blades. They stay sharp for ages and the lube lasts as well.
Same at Wigan £14.99
loads more on sale just picked up Wilkinson sword titanium blades for £1.89 and the razor for £1.50
I got the quattro titanium 4 pack for £1.89 there's also Mach3 handles with 2 cartridges for £1.50
Sorry if this sent anyone on a wild goose chase, hope it helped some though. Just tried them out, have never used a 5 blade before, great shave!
Got myself acouple of packs asda broadstairs
Cartridge shavers are a rip-off and give poorer results! Men: I beseech you to abandon your cartridge system razors forthwith and invest in a DE safety razor - you will NOT regret it (other than wishing you'd done it years ago!). No more inconvenient either and it will save you some serious wonga over the years (two years supply of blades for a tenner is typical). Don't be put off by the idea it is a more fiddly process (it isn't) or that you need other shaving paraphernalia (you don't) . My kit? Nivea gel and post-shave balm. The blade takes no more than 30 seconds to change every week. Couldn't be simpler really - certainly no harder than using a cartridge razor (and if anything a damn site less so - as you don't have to keep a constant eye out looking for cut-price deals on the exorbitantly-priced replacement cartridges (_;))
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I went to two of my local ones. Nope the prices were still rrp. Shame.
£14.99 in MK Asda
Anyone know if sunderland store is the same ????
Will check my local in the morning
Baili ® Silver Plated Double Edge Razor (Safety razor)
Baili ® £3.99 was(£14.99 ) on amazon. Going to give is a go thanks. While we're on the subject I've used shaving brush and Taylor's of bond street sandalwood soap - miles better than shaving gel in terms of quality and one £8 tub lasts me a year ...
Was in my store bougbt last week along with massive sure deodrents fr 72p
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