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Posted 15 September 2022

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Comfort Refills 4 pack - £4.99 Free Collection @ Superdrug

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Comfort Refills 4 pack

£4.99 was £10.00

Also 1/2 price on selected Wilkinson Sword products.

Plus anybody who got the recent Hydro 5 Razor for just £1 deal, should also get a £5 off next purchase of hydro blades instore coupon, and possibly an email with another £5 off next purchase of hydro blades instore barcode. So potentially 2 free 4 packs.


In pack coupon

Product Information

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Comfort Reset is our first razor designed to comfortably tacke up to 7 days of hair growth, without pulling, tugging or irriation.


Introducing the new Hydro Comfort Skin Reset our first razor designed to comfortably tackle up to 7-days of hair growth, without pulling tugging, or irritation.

- Comb guard separates hair to prevent tugging and pulling to give a comfortable shave even with 7 days of long stubble

- Water activated gel pools hydrates throughout each shave, and help protect from irritation

- Easy rinse blades for less clogging

- Flip trimmer for precise trimming and to get into the hard-to-reach spots

- Packaging made from more than 90% recycled paper and recyclable!


This product enables you to shave up to 7 days stubble for an irritation free shave

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  1. Avatar
    Can the voucher be redeemed against Comfort blades as opposed to regular blades. Can't see anything on the voucher. Also has anyone actually tried to exchange the voucher or scan the barcode on the email to get these for free ? Just asking cos I don't wanna drive all the way to superdrug, pay for parking and then find out its not gonna work.
    Yh I’ve just been into Superdrug & got the comfort blades you are talking about for absolutely free as I had also done the previous £1 razor 🪒 deal and had the voucher the lady at the till tried telling me that I couldn’t redeem it against the comfort blades until I pointed out to her that it didn’t state which blades you had to buy so long as they were part of the hydro range….. I didn’t know about the email voucher so will have to check my inbox cheers for that info….(y)
  2. Avatar
    Thanks op, good to get 2 packs for free. They don't actually have 5 blades though, just 3. Maybe less is more now.
    Advertised as a 4 blade pack.

    48241282-MhgRJ.jpg (edited)
  3. Avatar
    48253682-ND4aX.jpgWorked fine for me (edited)
  4. Avatar
    I might pop into Superdrug later to see if it works. Will report back if it does.
    the code on email and card seems same? I.e. can only use voucher once. Can someone check their code and confirm
    Had not noticed that, now i've checked both codes are the same, endins 5004. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    48241489-91D28.jpgGot mine. Voucher didn’t work for some reason but manager put it through with but I have a voucher or some kind of option. Didn’t have to pay anything.
  6. Avatar
    They refused to accept the voucher from the email but honoured the physical coupons that’s were sent
    Also they are 3 blades not 5 (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Superdrug wouldn't honour the voucher on the Hydro green blades, only the Hydro 5s which are £10 for 4 blades. I went to Tesco and the 4 pack of Hydro 5 is on Clubcard offer of £7.90 so used the paper voucher to get them for £2.90.

    Then got another pack and used the email voucher this time. Worked fine on self service.

    I think £2.90 for the Hydro 5 pack of 4 is a good price.

    Vouchers expire tomorrow as well (edited)
    They have honoured the online voucher for me in Superdrug 3 times now just explained to them that I didn’t have a printer….. I think it all depends who you get served by….(y)
  8. Avatar
    Can this be done online?
    Both the voucher and the email, say instore barcode. INSTRUCTIONS TO STORE: SCAN THIS CODE AT TILL (edited)
  9. Avatar
    My local has it for £10
    Superdrug? Show them the online price and ask them why it’s not reduced
  10. Avatar
    My email is just for £2.50 off not £5
  11. Avatar
    3+ days stubble. So you can't use it less than 3 days stubble?

    48244808-lZFBy.jpg (edited)
  12. Avatar
    My Superdrug only wanted to give me 25% off the price but the Hydro 5 are a tenner the £4.99 ones are different and not in the offer, they say, Doh! and my email is only for £2.50 as well
    The email says 2.50 but when the card arrives it’ll say £5
  13. Avatar
    I got my second card today. Went to diff store and bought another set. They wouldn’t give me it for free though. Ended up paying 99p

    was too early to argue so just paid it
    How u managed to pay 99p for only 1 pack of blades? Got my second card today went again to same store where I been yesterday and they said after I left yesterday they find out that coupon is not valid for that because those blades are in offer. So they declined to use that coupon
  14. Avatar
    Technically speaking, you can just print your email and rinse and repeat this as many times as you want.

    the codes were the same for me on both cards.

    in Superdrug they have to manually add that you have a voucher code (not scan it
    With the email voucher as I haven’t got a printer could I just screenshot the voucher….(confused)
  15. Avatar
    Superdrug refused my voucher today on these blades
    They my find out that it shouldn't be working with that 1/2 offer
  16. Avatar
    Just been in to Superdrug above bar in Southampton and managed to get another set of the green blades but this time using the email voucher….. they wouldn’t do it at first because the blades were only £4.99….1p under the £5 voucher price so it would not go through the till so I had to pay for another packet to make the voucher work….(y)
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