Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Essential Kit £2.62 @ Tesco

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Essential Kit £2.62 @ Tesco

£2.62£5.2450%Tesco Deals
Found 22nd Dec 2017Edited by:"deleted646063"
Dropped again, plenty in my local. Also same set with a pack of blades was around £5

Grooming set £3.50: tesco.com/gro…078

Hydro 5 Essential Kit

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Essential Kit contains shaving essentials that will allow you to enjoy a close, comfortable shave and smooth, healthy looking skin.This gift contains:Hydro 5 Razor: with a water activated Gel Reservoir which is designed to protect men's skin and deliver 40% less friction than a razor with lubrication strip.* The 5 ultra-glide razor blades with skin guards helps smooth the skin's surface, preventing it from getting caught between the blades, helping to reduce irritation. The Flip Trimmer has a Gel Reservoir which flips back to expose all five blades, helping trim tight spaces with ease such as under the nose and sideburnsSensitive Shave Gel (240mls): a shaving gel formula that contains beard softening ingredients that form a thin layer to help protect sensitive skin whilst shaving.*average vs. Quattro Titanium lubrication strip

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Can confirm this is national
None in my local
Can’t collect or deliver within the timeframe to get this price before the 27th
thanks for the heads up
I think it's only got 1 razor +blade (says blades buy each unit has 5 blades)
If I'm wrong sorry -Heat any way
shotatdawn1 m ago

I think it's only got 1 razor +blade (says blades buy each unit has 5 …I think it's only got 1 razor +blade (says blades buy each unit has 5 blades)If I'm wrong sorry -Heat any wayMERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

Yea, the one that comes with a pack of blades is £5
Cheers Bob_Green
If I could find that one I would buy a few
Not the best razor as hairs stick between blades but the foam is great! Buy a razorpit for £12.99 and the blade will last you 6months+..........Fusion power was the best......
great deal , but not available for me
The razor is down to £4.28 at the moment in Superdrug without the shaving gel included . £2.62 is a great price with the shaving gel also . I don't need any however as Wilkinson Sword had the hydro 5 handle and 13 blades and free nail clippers for £14.99 each and I bought 2 and they had the same offer again with 10 percent off so got another 2 for £13.49 each .
Been this price for about a week or more and its due to rop a bit more according to shop staff at my local one. but they keep running out of stock or having 30 cages of the stuff delivered at once to get out onto shelves.
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