Wilkinson Sword - Precision 1/2 price @ Boots

Wilkinson Sword - Precision 1/2 price @ Boots

Found 1st Apr 2008
I got two of these from different Boots stores today, some stores may have it on display as £7.99 but ask if it is on offer and it comes up as £3.99.

Details from Boots.com:
3 in 1 convenient shaving tool to shave, edge and trim your facial hair.
4 blades with unique titanium coating
NEW titanium edging blade for precise edges along sideburns, beards and under nose
NEW lubricating strip with Aloe and vitamins and ProB-5 for exceptional glide
Innovative, ergonomic handle, safe to use in the shower
Easy to use
Powerful, plus 1 AAA battery will last over 3 months
4 different trimming levels to create various beard lengths

EDIT: Forgot to say if you go for the one online dont forget about Quidco.


Added some heat....they are also doing these for £4 in Asda (got mine this evening)

& also sainsburys too plus nectar points...

:whistling: Also available at the same price at your local waitrose £2.99.
Got one yesterday, used it this morning, anyone got a cure for a bleeding face?
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