Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D with 2 blades + 4PK of Free Blades - Only £3.59

Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D with 2 blades + 4PK of Free Blades - Only £3.59

Found 2nd Jan 2008
Just been to Superdrug and picked up a Wilkinson Sword Protector 3D Diamond which had a seperate pack of 4 Blades strapped to it (FREE), Unfortunately it was unpriced on the shelf so I had to get it scanned at the till. - Came through a BARGAIN and got the RAZOR and SIX BLADES TOTALf or an incredible £3.59.

Spoke to the Manageress and she told me they must be reduced (hence the shelf price missing.

Hopes this helps all those searching Boots for the Gillette Power Fusion which was posted earlier as having 5 extra free blades for £4.99 (from £9.99)- They had it reduced but withonly 1 blade and no one knew of any other offer packs (very expensive for refills) and all other razors at Boots were full price and not cheap.

Can't find it listed online, so must only be available in the branches - Salford Precinct had a few more on display, so cant post a photo.
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Thanks for this, I am going to nip into my local store in the morning now to see if I can get hold of this.

Heat and Rep added :-D
Got one a few weeks ago from Superdrug, had an expired offer on box old stock. Cheap but no where near as comfortable as a decent Gillette.
Checked and there is NO date or old offer on box. and the free blades are included. So can't agree that it is old stock just because it is not stocked online, like a lot of items.

As for comfort, I have never had a problem with either Wilkinson Sword or Gillette, just the disposable which cut you to ribbons. I suppose it comes down to individual choice.

Like to see anyone buy better (razor and 5 blades) at this price. They were also fairly reasonable for spare blades.
In fact just opened the razor to find that there are SIX BLADES IN TOTAL as therazor had 2 blades included.

So I will be going to get another pack tomorrow as it's cheaper than buying a pack of 5 packof blades seperately
The best deal was at home bargains a few months back.
They were selling the packs of 4 blades for 99p... Needless to say i stocked up and still have a few months supply left. They also had the quatro blades at the same price ( bought a few packs of those too).

I prefer these Wilkinson Sword blades to Gillette myself. But i guess its just what your skin gets used too.
I went into my local superdrug today, and they only had one which had 2 blades in. It was priced the same too. Anyway went over to boots to buy some other things and notice they had it in but at £2.97 with 2 blades, which I didn't think was bad.

Thanks, as would't have looked out for this otherwise. :thumbsup:
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