Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razors Half Price at Boots

Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razors Half Price at Boots

Found 28th Jan 2009
Half price on selected Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razors at Boots.
WSQ Titanium Precision now £3.91
WSQ Titanium Razor now £3.15
WSQ Titanium Energy now £3.91
WSQ Razor now £2.44
Deivery is £2.89 if you buy online...
Good Price imo.
Hope this is useful


good price but i bought few months ago WSQ Titanium Razor for about 4,5 £

Ordering one now.

tis a good price, tesco do have the same half price deal on, and a a few pence cheaper in somecases, but dearer in other

eg the precision (with the battery powered trimmer on one end) is 20ish pence cheaper at tesco
but the precision freestyle is about 50p dearer, Boots seem to have the same price for either.

I stood 5mins instore trying to work out the difference, as did another guy nexty to me, we both gave up & took the cheaper option!!

anyone know what the freestyle offers over the standard?
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