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Sony A450 & DT 18-55 F3.5/5.6 SAM - £299.99 + £6 postage @ Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 22nd Oct 2010Posted 22nd Oct 2010
Sony A450 & DT 18-55 F3.5/5.6 SAM - £299.99 + £6 postage @ Wilkinson Cameras
Annoyed that I've missed out recently with the previous Comet deals on this camera its finally dropped down again at Wilkinson Cameras , I've not heard of them before but it can be… Read more

I've just taken delivery of this camera and I must say as a noob to DSLR's it's very easy to use and I'm very impressed. Just a bit dissapointed as I paid £6 p&p for (5-7) days delivery and on the 5th day a Friday they sent it next day delivery, Fed Ex don't deliver Saturdays on this tariff so I had to wait till Monday (8th day!!!!!)


Oops, sorry for the double quote above, dunno how I managed that.


If I am one of the "lens experts" then please note my emphasis is on good value not what is the best because the camera in this deal is entry-level/budget after all. "Best" can be defined so many ways not just sharpness, speed, optical abilities (lack of CA, flare etc.) because (as a professional) you will know that the result is the important bit, not what dpreview or anyone else says about a lens. One photographer will find s/he cannot take a good photo with a certain lens that another photographer might take great photos with. As an amateur who has never made any money from photography I stick with my view of buying lenses to match your budget, your camera and your personal preference. I like to experiment but don't have a pro's budget so being able to buy relatively cheap Minolta lenses on ebay, try them, experiment, learn, adapt, then maybe keep, swap or sell... well it works for me anyway. I'd love to see some of your work (yes, seriously.) Do you have a website?


Yes it is better than all the A3XX and A2XX models if you are a newbie. For upgraders from A2XX/3XX it isn't much of an upgrade, either go to A5XX or above.


short answer is yes! - but check out reviews online also quick comparison website

Tamron 55-200mm F4/5.6 DI II Lens For Canon EOS £75.99 @Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 2nd Sep 2010Posted 2nd Sep 2010
Tamron 55-200mm F4/5.6 DI II Lens For Canon EOS £75.99 @Wilkinson Cameras
Amazing optical quality for a budget lens, good reviews: http://www.testfreaks.co.uk/lenses/tamron-af55-200mm-f-4-5-6-di-ii-ld/ Features: ● Lens Construction (Groups/Elements): 9… Read more

paolo: Goes to show what you can do with a D70 and a "crap" lens!!X) It can certainly take good close-ups, I guess f8 - f16 looks like its sweet spot. Well impressed. Hopefully the doubters in previous posts may be kind enough to say what they think of these shots. Thanks for sharing. Gary


I know this isn't a photography forum but hey...Here's an example at f/16 - [image missing]This little fly got in by accident so not really in focus. Gives you an idea of what you could get though - cropped at 200%. Bear in mind that this isn't a macro lens and it's 'only' a 6 megapixel body...[image missing]


If this was shot at 200mm at f8 from say a distance of 1.5m the depth of field would be quite small say 1cm so I guess you would expect the back of the "flutterby" to be OOF. I would suggest this shot is a pretty good attempt at capturing an insect at this range. Well done.


A deal is seen differently by many. I would suggest if your budget less than £100 and you only have the kit lens, this is a cheap way into the telephoto world. You will be able to capture the world from a different perspective and be happy that you wouldn’t have blown hundreds on a lens that you find out that doesn’t suit your style – after all you may prefer an ultra-wide perspective ie landscape photography. Be prepared for a bit of camera shake at the 200mm end (due to f5.6) which will spoil plenty of your shots in the beginning, but crank up the shutter speed by using higher ISO to get crisper shots. I do own L telephotos, yes they are better, but I have less money for my other hobbies as a result. For the price it’s a good deal if you want to explore the world of compressed perspectives. If you had a little more the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS is a cracking lens at around £175 and has stabilisation built in to pretty good optics.


I use my old m42 lenses for proper work anyway, this will be a fine snapper beating the range of the kit lens. Nice find OP, appreciate it. Besides Tamron were always pretty good bits of kit, underrated and hopefully this won't be a bad lens, and for this price worth the punt.

Sony A DT AF 55-200MM F4/5.6 SAM £99 @ Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 7th Jun 2010Posted 7th Jun 2010
Sony A DT AF 55-200MM F4/5.6 SAM £99 @ Wilkinson Cameras
Sony A DT AF 55-200MM F4/5.6 SAM for £99 @ http://www.wilkinson.co.uk. Had a quick gander round and this deffo seems the cheapest.Not bad for £99 and would pick one up myself if I… Read more
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reviewed here: http://www.dyxum.com/lenses/Sony-AF-DT-55-200-F4-5.6-SAM_lens522.html already got a few lenses in this range (& longer), but seems to get decent reviews


Yeah it's deffo over the £130 everywhere else...I thought a few of the Sony lads & lasses would have snapped this lens up at this price?I know it's not the greatest of lenses but at £99 ya can't grumble.


looks like a hot deal - cheapest I've seen it elsewhere is about £130.


[image missing]

Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 for £29.99 @ Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 4th Mar 2010Posted 4th Mar 2010
Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 for £29.99 @ Wilkinson Cameras
Lowepro Micro Trekker 200 camera backpack, bargain backpack. I needed something small to carry my camera and a few lenses plus my flash and tripod.

I've also been looking for a new camera bag and this is a good deal for a quality bag. Selling elsewhere for around £60. Don't forget to add the £6.50 p & p Hot

Canon 50D Body Only DLSR £650 @ Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 13th Feb 2010Posted 13th Feb 2010
Canon 50D Body Only DLSR £650 @ Wilkinson Cameras
The perfect combination of speed and quality, the EOS 50D's 15.1 MP CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 processor deliver superb high-ISO performance, shooting flexibility and image quality wi… Read more
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The 50d is a fantastic camera, I wonder how much improvement a 60D could make over it apart from increasing megapixels, which in my opinion is not needed, doubt it would be a full frame sensor as that is the 1d and 5d range, Digic4 is "fairly" new so doubt digic5 yet, video facility perhaps...personally I dont require that on a DSLR Its far better to invest in decent glass as that is the single biggest improvement imo. No point spending £800 on a camera with a £100 lens on it


Good 'traditional', reliable suppliers, recently got a 7D with a FREE 580Ex II (rrp 339.99 ) from them - as posted here - about three weeks ago. 10/10


550D £699 7D £1299 Seems to me to be plenty of margin in there for a 60D There are still plenty out there who skipped the limited upgrade from the 40D to 50D, and who wouldn't downgrade to the 550D or upgrade to the 7D series Even only throwing the 550D internals into a 60D chassis would be a big upgrade, let alone adding the standard 50D features microadjust, rear control wheel etc It's probably still a bit early for the DS mk IV, it's normally about 6 months after the new 1D comes out, fingers crossed though My moneys on a 2000D to fill the large gap left by the big 550D upgrade, and a 60D


Time will tell but I think a 60D will be released at some point this year and the 50D price will fall much further before it is withdrawn.


cant see them releasing a 60d, it will be to close to the 7d , id say with the 550d coming out canon dont need a 60d.

SONY A VGB30 VERTICAL GRIP FOR A200,300 & 350 - £86.49 delivered @ Wilkinson Cameras
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Posted 10th Feb 2010Posted 10th Feb 2010
SONY A VGB30 VERTICAL GRIP FOR A200,300 & 350 - £86.49 delivered @ Wilkinson Cameras
The Sony VG-B30AM Vertical Battery Grip is designed for use with the Alpha 200 and 350 DSLR's, particularly useful when using longer telephoto lenses as it balances the combination… Read more
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great price (voted hot) but still overpriced IMHO (but then so is most photography equipment)


Cool will pick one of these up 2mozz....Love me Sony A200 i do:thumbsup:


I'd get a third party grip instead, which can also hold AA type batteries. For me an alkaline emergency backup is essential. But it's a good price if this is what you are after.


Ordered one earlier in the week and took delivery of it today. Great piece of kit :)