Wilkinsons - Half price on all Gardening products

Wilkinsons - Half price on all Gardening products

Found 23rd Sep 2010
50% off all gardening stuff at Wilkinsons, including tools, seeds, insect repelants, hose pipes........ everything.

Also 75% off various other outdoor goods like bbqs.
Redditch store today had bbq's from £2.50 and the bigish oil drum type were down to £10 from £40. Lighter fuel was 25p a bottle.


Can't wait for my local Wilkinson to open!! less than 2weeks to go!
But of course they won't have the gardening reductions as it's a brand new store
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Did you see this in your local? I went this morning and there was no reductions, none online either.

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They were putting all the stickers on today as i walked around the store, about 2 full aisles of gardening stuff and things like the bbqs, fuels charcoals, outdoor candles, solar lights were all having the 50% labels taken off and 75% one put on. (Redditch store)

This maybe nationwide as the gardening stuff was 50% off in the Cardiff store as well. Picked up a watering can.

they might not have stickers on for 75% its worth taking it to the till to check.

I saved over £15 on insecticides! so im glad there was a double post, otherwise probs wud of missed out. BTW my local never marked them down i just asked gurl to scan and they were reduced, so always ask them to scan and check!
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