Wilko 1000w Electric Lawnmower HALF PRICE Now £22.50 instore @ Wilkinsons

Wilko 1000w Electric Lawnmower HALF PRICE Now £22.50 instore @ Wilkinsons

LocalFound 8th Sep 2015
Got some good camping and gardening bargains in Wilko at the moment, some already posted, but here's a real HALF PRICE bargain!
Wilko 1000w Electric Lawnmower Now Only £22.50
Although not available online now, it's instore only, it does get great reviews.

Easy to use rotary mower for small to medium sized gardens, 32cm cutting width, 3 different cutting heights, 30mm, 45mm and 60mm. 27 litre grass collector box, 10m of cable with BS plug. Tough polypropylene deck. Lightweight for use as it is only 11kg. Safety first! Store in a safe place. Keep out of reach of children and always follow the usage and care instructions provided.

Obviously this is a clearance deal so availability will vary, when they're gone they're gone as they say!

Already posted on HUKD is the Wilko Petrol Mower, reduced from £100 to £50
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this any good

this any good

Well, to be honest apart from the colour it seems to be very similar to my Powerbase mower (Homebase) and about 7 years on it's still working great, although I obviously don't have a large garden or I'd have a petrol mower.I do sharpen the blade every year, and cut regularly, lawn grows better and puts less stress on the motor.Anyway I'd say for the £45 it's about what I paid, but for £22.50 just buy it if you can, you'd pay that for a strimmer.
Hal I can cut Telekon stripes into my lawn with this
just in time,thanks op
Just managed to get one, and one left in store, thanks

this any good

​I got one for my Dad at this price last year & it's been great! I've also used it on my much larger garden & it's been up to the job X) I saw the petrol one at £50 but didn't buy it then as I already had one, but guess what - it packed up just afterwards & will cost loads to fix! So I'm waiting for my local to reduce it this year - not yet though Just my two pennyworth.
Picked up the last one from local store today. It will be returned first thing in the morning.

On putting it together you can see the poor quality. The handle attaches to the mower by two no6 round headed wood screws. They provided 4, I assume the extra to replace those that are lost. This may be the first mechanical failure point due to it being a stress point?

Using it the motor power seems to cope well, and it picks up well. The wheels are small and attach to the mower by a screw thread from the centre of the wheel and the wheel rolls on that. Adjusting height of cut you have to unscrew all four wheels and screw them on to a different position! The screw thread is quite long and this takes time.

The first problem you will hit is that in use the wheels keep falling off! As the left hand side wheels are not reverse threaded they keep falling off and have to be screwed back on. The right had wheels are not averse to falling off either, as you also pull a mower as well as push. It is not possible to put a locking nut on the other side of the bolt due to a moulding that presents access, particularly with the wheels screwed on the longer cut setting

The resulting cut was very poor and uneven despite the machine and blade being brand new. My 25+yr old Qualcast with a blunt blade gave a much better cut. With that it took half an hour to cut my small lawn. The Wilko took over an hour.
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