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Posted 25 September 2022

Wilko 1.7L Glass Kettle £5 @ Wilko Exeter Guildhall

In store: Devon · Wilko Deals
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1.7l glass kettle, plenty on shelf

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    If anything like ours, looks good for a bit then glass gets opaque with limescale calcification. Cleans nicely with descaler but can't wait to replace.
    We live in a very hard water area and find a Brita filter works well to stop this.  It’s worth boiling the kettle using the juice from half a lemon (or concentrated lemon juice) with some water at the minimum kettle level once a week to keep the glass from becoming calcified if you can’t use a filter (cheaper than descaling solution).  Even with the filter I use the lemon juice on mine every couple of weeks and it looks great. (edited)
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    Bought 700 and now I have enough for a deposit on a chateau
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    Does anyone know how this kettle is in terms of energy efficiency?
    I can't think there's an efficient kettle. The whole concept is to convert electricity to heat. more heat - fast boiling, but that couldn't be efficient.
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    Nice price, I had this before, it is very hot and due to UK chalk, you can see the limescale very quickly, so it is not a pretty sight after weeks of use.
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    Is it this price after Bojo’s speech ?
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    Got one in Exeter today -- still loads left. Seems to boil quickly and has a nice blue light.
    Ideal for observing the five stages of boiling, which according to the Chinese are 1) shrimp eyes, 2) fish eyes, 3) crab eyes, 4) rope of pearls and 5) raging torrent.
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    Cost of living crisis averted!
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    I gave everyone on my street one and now everyone is hailing me as the king for saving the winter bills.
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    Pouring spout is really small - it takes half a shift to fill a teapot with it - and if you tip it up too much the lid leaks, and steam leaks out around the top of the handle (which is always a nice surprise). Also, limescale particles are difficult to rinse out because, even after removing the filter, the rim around the filter assembly is so bulky you can't get all the water out. It doesn't take look for it to look a bit scabby and you'll be forever descaling it.

    If you can live with all that, it's a bargain.
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    Voted hot for the price. £13 online and mixed reviews.
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    Bought 2 in Exeter this morning nice
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    Condensation for days
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    Got it, randomly switches off within 10s of pressing power. Decided to live with it.
    Gorilla tape the switch down and plug it into a smart plug.
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    none in lowestoft
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    Love to see it up the Exeter
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    none in headingley leeds 😔💔
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    None left today