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Posted 8 September 2022

Wilko 4 Burner Gas BBQ - £94.95 delivered using code from Wilko

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Cook up a storm this summer with our 4 burner gas BBQ. The gas BBQ comes with 4x stainless steel main burners, 1x stainless steel side burner, a built-in temperature gauge, an enamel coated steel cooking grate and a warming rack. The BBQ coms with wheels so it's easy to move. There's plenty of room for the whole family to feast! Size: H118 x W145 x D61. Weight 32kgs. All measurements are approximate for guidelines only. Important: Read all the safety warnings and assembly instructions before use and retain all information for future reference. Outdoor use only. Main burners heat input: 14.08kW. Side burner heat input: 3.52kW. Total heat input: 17.6kW. Tools and assembly: Hose and regulator are included. Tools required: Screwdriver...

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Brand: Wilko
Type: 4 Burner
Colour: Black
Pack Qty: 1
Size: 61 x 145 x 118cm
Assembly: No
Height: 54.6CM
Material: Steel 100%
Width: 67.0CM
Depth: 35.2CM
Model No: CBT2010WK
Bar Code: 5187485
Wilko More details at Wilko
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  1. Avatar
    Great find OP! Sizzler of a deal. If someone has a BLUELIGHT you can get this for 89.95
    Delivered. Cheers
    I really should wake up…. Also £5 off with Totum NUS. Have just placed another order so hope I can easily cancel my first one!!!
  2. Avatar
    Anyone know what sort of regulator it is? Patio, propane, butane?
    Propane according to front picture on website
  3. Avatar
    Does anyone know the cooking area on this BBQ please?
    In the garden about 6 feet away from your kitchen oven should be about right
  4. Avatar
    First bottle of gas will probably cost more!
  5. Avatar
    Had one of these a few years now and it's lasting well, can't go too wrong at this price
  6. Avatar
    Thanks OP

    I’m in. I need a new bigger BBQ and will take a risk on this one until I see a deal on another one. Ok doesn’t have the storage and doesn’t trump up if it is a double-skinned lid / amount of power (Ok it does list the power!!) but it’s less than £100 including delivery!

    Been using a uniflame from Asda for last 5 years that has been great but on it’s way out (burners) but not a great fan of some of the prices I have seen when I’ve been looking. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Ordered 2 burner for £45 after discount, many thanks!
  8. Avatar
    How do Weber justify their sky high prices when things like this are a fraction of the price and appear to work well? I guess they can't, it's just a brand thing?

    Anyway, a 13kg gas bottle will probably last lest than 10 hours with a 4 burner so that's going to be a very expensive way of cooking these days.
    Because the weber will still be in great nick in 5 years time. And if anything breaks you can get replacements. My old man has one of these and it's knackered, my weber which is the same age gets a lot more use, is always outside and is still in great nick(would add my weber is a performer deluxe so not like for like but still).
  9. Avatar
    Bargain and purchased! Keeping for 2023
    Get some gas also 😁👌
    I am doing the same
  10. Avatar
    Mine arrived today, all assembled. Seems good for the money, although only critism is there is no shelf/storage for the gas bottle, so makes it awkward to transport around the garden.
    How along did it take you to assemble? Not that I’m bothered but I’m suprised there is nothing for the gas bottle - I thought that was way it was that space. Most probably be able to easily mod it if that is important.
  11. Avatar
    Mine arrived two week ago.
  12. Avatar
    I probably really shouldn't but then again.... It's a real bargain and next summer we are surely not going abroad.. 🙃 (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Cheers OP have some flames.
  14. Avatar
    Go to blue light card website, click on wilko and follow the instructions. Copy and paste the code worked for me all okay
  15. Avatar
    Great price, just ordered for £94.95 but didn't realise they did NUS discount on top of this. Estimated delivery date is around 10 days for this item.
    How do you enter NUS discount?
  16. Avatar
    Have got a 2 burner that does the job but is a wreck now, so am tempted, but don't know whether to go 2 or 4 burner?
  17. Avatar
    It says on the site that the Gas needs to be 11-15KG. Does anyone know why I couldn't use a smaller bottle?
    I would have said more pressure but if your 11KG bottle was half full and at 5.5KG it would stop working. Might be rubbish and just guidance. At this price its a no loss even if you only got three years out of it.
  18. Avatar
    Cheers op. Father in law after one so I've just sent him this and he's ordered it.
  19. Avatar
    Thanks op great find at sub £90 with codes
  20. Avatar
    Anybody else's order still being "processed" when ikt should have been delivered already?
  21. Avatar
    Mine arrived Thursday, wilko sent me an email yesterday refunding 4.95 delivery charge

    Anyone put it together yet? Is it any good? (edited)