Wilko clearance deals on kitchen ware - coffee maker £10 down to £5!

Wilko clearance deals on kitchen ware - coffee maker £10 down to £5!

LocalFound 15th Aug 2016
Lots of kitchen ware in the wilkos clearance sale, I can see the beer/wine/cider making kit has already been posted & so has the ice cream maker but in my local store (Hemel Hempstead) today I picked up a coffee maker for £5 down from £10 and a die cast roasting tin £5 down from £15.
Also saw hand blenders, mixers, lots of muffin tins, spatulas, rolling pins, too much to remember! All at approx 60-75% off.
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Was it this model? http://www.wilko.com/content/ebiz/wilkinsonplus/invt/0316231/0316231_m.jpg

Was it this model?

Possibly yes, it looks the same as what is on the box. I havent taken it out yet.
It comes in a white box that says 'wilko, wake up and smell the coffee, coffee maker'.
1.5L, 2 year guarantee, anti drip, removable filter, makes up to 12 cups, water level indicator.
There were 3 more left on the shelf in Hemel.

We have had a few expensive coffee makers in the past, none of them have lasted more than a year so Im happy to have a go with this one for just a fiver!
oops, just noticed the coffee maker was actually originally £10 (not £15) sorry!
The roaster I also purchased was originally £15 down to £5 - got my bargains muddled up!
they is quite a few offers they have teflon muffin trays, teflon roast tin with rack and a hand whisk all arrange from £2 to £3 each.
The trouble with cheap coffee makers is they dont heat the contents up enough, and you end up with luke warm coffee that you have to reheat in the microwave.
Anyone experience of this model ?
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