Wilko Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower instore for £57.50

Wilko Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower instore for £57.50

Found 18th Aug 2017
Wilko 98.5 cc Hand Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower 40cm cutting width. In-store only. Seen in Horsham but should be nationwide with Wilko's half price gardening offers.
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Yup, just picked 1 up in Bicester, was coming here to post and you beat me to it!!
Great price' surprised this isn't a tad hotter!

Heat added.
Didn't purchase one myself (there were seven in store at the time). Was fortunate enough to purchase the the self propelled model for £40 posted a few weeks ago.
Still got one going strong from a few years ago when it was £50.
98cc is a bit underpowered but for that price you cant go wrong
janz701 h, 5 m ago

98cc is a bit underpowered but for that price you cant go wrong

Yh I prefer the Boeing 737 engines too when cutting the grass lol.
I've had one of these for over 2 years now after buying at this price also... excellent mower & ridiculous price! Low maintenance, cuts really well & I would happily buy another.
Got the last one from Hamilton today thanks.
None anywhere else this side of Scotland.
Rather worryingly it is IDENTICAL to the Tesco one I also have that died after 2 years light use. Same case (different colour), wheel height adjusters and engine.
There must been around 6 stacked upin Maidstone.
I got one today in Newport, South Wales
Heat added!
Two left in St Albans store. Not directly in the garden bit. Walk in the entrance to the back of the store and they were parked on the wall on the left.
janz7019th Aug

98cc is a bit underpowered but for that price you cant go wrong

Cos they arent self propelled it is ok
Had one of these. Packed up within 2 years.
Bought last year's model the engine is terrible refuses to start most of the time have had to have the carb replaced with a better one.
Nice one OP. Went to my local store at the weekend and they didn't have any lawn mowers. Saw this today and popped back after work on the off chance, and they had one sat on the shelf. Winning!
Good mower.
Used it for the first time today and it's a million times better than my current mower. Granted I'm comparing it to a very old hovering Flymo so it's apples and oranges, but I'm very happy with it. Even if it only lasts the 2 years of the guarantee, it's good value for money.
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