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Wilko Seed Potatoes - £3 for 2kg (11 varieties) available instore or delivery from £2.95 @ Wilko

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If growing your own is your thing, Wilko have 11 varieties of seed potatoes at just £3 per 2kg bag. If you compare this price elsewhere for the same variety, the Pentland Javelin at £3 is £7.95 at DT Brown for just a 1.5kg bag. Massive saving.

In terms of reviews, the reviews look superb at Wilko and i've had these recommended to me by a neighbouring allotment that Wilko seed potatoes are their go to and it is what they plant when Wilko have had them in.

I've ordered 1 x Desiree, 1 x King Edward and 1 x Charlotte. I'll start chitting soon and then think about getting them in in February once the frost has gone.

Anyone growing their own? Let me know in the comments

Some Sarpo grown this year on the allotment:

Wilko More details at Wilko
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    First earlies, Swift, Rocket, Pentland Javelin, Second earlies, Charlotte, Maris Peer, Wilja, Main Crop, Picasso, Maris Piper, King Edward, Desiree. These are all £3 for 2kg.
    I did have allotments in the past and found Pentland Javelin, King Edward, and Desiree very reliable in North East England.
    I am going to try first earlies, Swift, Pentland Javelin, Jazzy, Vivaldi, in containers (flexi tubs) Last year I tried Sharpes Express, Casablanca and Maris Piper in containers. Sharpes Express produced the best results (edited)
    Thanks for the tips!
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    Thanks OP. Great find. I normally save seed from previous crop but had very poor crop this year due to the draught.
    Some I put in middle of July I took out the ground in October. Not huge but I think I managed to avoid the drought.
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    Bought Charlotte last year from Wilko, small, gave average crop. Kept some for seed this year.

    So, Swift,Charlotte,and Marvel going into 30ltr pots this year.

    Lifes too short to dig.
    Approximately how many seed potatoes do you get? Thanks.
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    You plant them in February? Is that for early varieties? Usually frost in bucks csn linger until May xD
    No not usually. For me in the south east I use St Paddy's day as a rough estimate of when to plant. Can buy the seed now and store in a cool dark frost free place. It will store till march/April easily.
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    always this price

    mine was delivered last week
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    I buy spuds from local farmer and plant them in without chitting. Never a problem
    if you chit them, its a 3 week head start

    and the chits are planted upwards (edited)
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    Spoke with other people and they said you can get 7kg for £3 In Morrison or LIDL
    Seed potatoes?
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