WILKO INSTORE: Wash Bag - Clearance - £2

WILKO INSTORE: Wash Bag - Clearance - £2

Posted 10th NovAvailable: South (Berkshire)Edited by:"HappyShopper"
Wash bag - on clearance from £6. Perfect for making your own toiletries Xmas gift bundle. Decent quality and size. Possibly nationwide. Apologies for the poor quality picture.

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Hey, thanks for posting - could you confirm the store location for this please?
Bargain got this for £6/£7 in the summer
Well worth £2. Was worth the 5 or 6 quid I think.i paid for mine. Bargain if you can pick one up at this price.
Just what I was after: thanks OP-needed a cheap bag for my work toiletries (I cycle to work so have to make myself look less windswept and more presentable when I get in !)
I bought one in Derby back in August for this price, brilliant bag, replaced one that fell to bits. Now have three bags, two for my various clippers and shaving stuff etc and then one to take with me, saying that if I could get one more of these I definetly would!
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