Will Hay DVD Boxset (9 Discs) - £12.99 @ Choices UK

Will Hay DVD Boxset (9 Discs) - £12.99 @ Choices UK

Found 29th Aug 2010Made hot 29th Aug 2010
Great price


Fantastic . How old and still funnier than most . (Could also be an inspiration for Larry David's style).

Excellent price, cheers

Excellent spot - been waiting for this to drop.
BTW: You can pick up SOME of the titles in the Works stores in the High St.
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Oh Mr Porter is the funniest film ever...

A great old classic set.

Agreed, stupidly funny films. Great classics.


'Go to the bottom of the class'

'Well I am at the bottom of the class.'

'Well go to the top and remember you're a lap behind everyone else!'

Some classic british comedies.

Which was the one where they stay in a haunted castle? That ws my favourite. Can't see it here in the description. Voted hot anyway though as great comedy

and you all forgot to say "your wasting your time" lol

The Haunted Castle Film is 'The Ghost of St.Michaels'. Brilliant!

Great find thanks ....just orderd this with Norman Wisdom's...should tickle me fancy!!
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