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Will Aid, Donate what you want, please see suggested donations. Amazing charities and professionally made wills.cheaper than most firms.
30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Used by myself. Amazing service from a professional solicitor firm. The charity Will writing scheme Will Aid is a special partnership between the legal profession and nine of th… Read more

Cheaper for us to get married.


Oh i see.I thought it was all done in one appointment and you have to think on your feet so to speak. That's one thing I'd already thought about us dying together .Sounds quite morbid XD


The whole point of them is to ask questions you haven't thought of and so won't have the answers for straight away! For us we had what happens if we all (husband and kids) die together, do we have any burial/cremation requests. Can't think of anything else right now, our solicitor was happy to talk through options and suggest things then let us go away and decide, we then rang them and when we saw her for next appointment it was all written up.


What things hadn't you thought of if you don't mind me asking as we have an appointment this month and i'm rather nervous about it. That's one of the things i'm worried about that they go over something we haven't thought of and I'll be stumped?


I have used Will Aid, and was very pleased with how it works. The solicitor made no money from it, but does build a relationship with you, and you are more likely to call on them if you should need a solicitor in the future.

WillAid scheme: Get a local solicitor to professionally draw up your will & all fees (suggested donation, not compulsory) go to charity
Found 15th Nov 2017Found 15th Nov 2017
During November (so don't dawdle!) there is a scheme called 'Willaid' whereby go and see a local solicitor who professionally draws up your will and instead of their usual fee ther… Read more
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What's in it for the solicitors? How about simple altruism? It's a quick, simple way for solicitors to raise money for a group of very worthy charities, using their professional skills. The ones we've used didn't even suggest that they could be executors.


The process is simple, either nominate a person(s) of your choice and or solicitors. We did it last week, well worth money, he pointed out some things we never considered, inheritance tax, updates on will, what happens if unfortunately all pass away, future children, trusts etc. You can try Google search wills for free, 10 pounds etc but face to face is worth it. Best thing is you can donate what ever you want, even a penny!


Anyone you trust who is competent. Remember to ask them before listing them as executor though! I chose my father as first choice and then my godfather as a back up, in case Dad and I are in a car crash together. I think having a back up executor is a good idea. It can be someone listed as a beneficiary. Talk to the solicitor about it if you're worried, but you can always list someone and if they aren't able to do the more complicated aspects to it when the time comes they can always get a company or solicitor to help them at that point.


I used this service and at no point did they suggest about using their services for executor. I have two executors listed, first choice is my father and second choice is my godfather as both are accountants and have done it before.


That wasn't for a will drawn up individually by a solicitor. With this scheme you go to the solicitor in person and they write it up as per your desires and then you go back once it's done and get it signed and witnessed. One of these professionally drawn up wills should be watertight!

During November - "Free" solicitor drafted will - in return for a donation to charity. Pay £1 or £90 its up to you.
Found 5th Nov 2013Found 5th Nov 2013
From the charity's website: "Having your Will written professionally can give you great peace of mind. Use a local solicitor who has signed up to Will Aid and you can enjoy the ad… Read more

we got our free from our bank BUT this is an amazing deal....plus you do a little bit of good as well


we did this a couple of years ago - great deal


Always worth a try but when I tried to book one last year on the first day "Sorry all our available appointments are booked" but again worth a try

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It's Will Aid Month in November, get a will for the cost of a donation to charity
Found 4th Oct 2013Found 4th Oct 2013
I used this service two years ago, it's a great way to get a will made without having to pay huge legal fees. Many solicitors are offering their services to write a will in exchang… Read more
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You but it so much better than I have! Maybe the moderators could take my post down and you could put one up with those points! Than more people could see it and benefit :)


Hot hot hot. I was about to post this because it's a good deal. a) £90 is a reasonable price for a will in my area b) the solicitor local to me who in the scheme is very well respected and she has over 40 years experience in wills and probate c) the money goes to some fantastic charities d) the money doesn't line the pockets of already rich solicitors e) you can always bequeath the £90 (or £135 for mirror wills) after you die, or if it's more than you can afford then make a donation which you can afford, it's only a suggested donation. I've been told to book now as the solicitors are already running out of Will Aid appointments.


This is a catch 22 situation. If I spend £90 on the will I will effectively have nothing to leave in the will oO


I agree about it being legit, but what we're getting at is it's not exactly a price that grabs people's attention. Nobody understands wills anyway, with all of the heretofores, thereins, and notwithstandings.:)


The £135 mirror wills offer is excellent considering it goes to charity. Try phoning a popular solictors office and get a quote to do it through them and you'd see how much they are losing by doing this. It's charity, so no-one loses out.

Will Aid - Get a Will in November for a charity donation (suggests £90)
Found 19th Oct 2012Found 19th Oct 2012
November is Will Aid month. You can have a will drawn up by a local solicitor and instead of paying him/her you can donate to a major UK charity. From the Will Aid website: "Havin… Read more

It's a good idea to leave a will. It usually costs more than their suggested donation to have a will written by a solicitor. Google "will aid" and the "Find a Solicitor" box should lead you to participating companies in your area, if any. Went to a participant in my area and it's done already even though it's not yet November.


So he left a will but it was not followed. I am curious as to what happens if one of the family member object to the new changes and insist on using the will that he left?


Yes, it doesn't deserve to be cold but as I say, I have emailed 2 solicitors and no response, will try ringing on Monday as this is something I need to sort out


excellent idea, however the £90 does sound steep, BUT its a suggested donation and theres nothing to say you cant do a DD donation to spread the cost is there, wills are essential and can save your family time and money and the nightmare of having estate go to probate, nice find


There are some idiots on this site, how can this be cold? If you want to make things easier for your family when you pass away make sure you have an upto date will in place. This also ensures your estate is distributed as you wish. This is a great idea assuming you have a solicitor in your area on the scheme. You get a will drawn up for FREE and it is left to your discretion what you give to charity. I personally would donate what they advise. My father passed away recently and left a will but unfortunately it was not up to date. As a family we knew how he wanted his estate to be divided and through a solicitor we ensured his wishes were met. Cost was £350! I wish I could add heat to this deal more than the once I have already done.

Will Aid - make a will in November for a charity donation (suggests £85)
Found 7th Oct 2011Found 7th Oct 2011
November is Will Aid month. You can have a will drawn up by a local solicitor and instead of paying him/her you can donate to a major UK charity. From the Will Aid website: "Havin… Read more

I agree that under no circumstances should you make a will with anyone who phones you touting for business. As Thistle says, these unregulated will writers are not solicitors and I fear that many people, especially the elderly, are being ripped off and paying a vast amount for a poor service. If you have kids or a partner it's important to make a will, but good idea to check locally first to see if you can get it cheaper from local solicitors without using the Will Aid scheme. We had considered drawing up one ourselves using stuff on the web, but when it comes down to who you want to look after your children should you both die, then we felt it needed to be more professionally worded.


If you are reasonably literate you can do a better job yourself using the which guide. I've used it with success and it enables you to maintain an up-to-date will that reflects your current circumstances.


if you are in the unite union wills are free


£60 plus vat at my local solicitors


Don't think touting for business off the back of a charity event is particularly professional.

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Will Aid Month - Various Solicitors, suggested donation £75 single/£110 double
Found 4th Nov 2009Found 4th Nov 2009
1st post, so please be kind. It's will aid month - got a reminder in my email from MSE today. A will is something we all need, but one thing that often gets forgotten. From M… Read more
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Most people get this free when they get their mortgage done through a solicitors don't they?


I enquired about this and on the call back was told it is only for simple wills. anything complicated is not covered what do you think they meant by complicated when I asked? just about everything, anything to do with inheritance tax even if simple, anything where someone is divorced seperated or not married and a list of other things . This will aid will will not be provided to most people . Solicitors touting for business on the back of charities, very quick to say "oh we are happy to do complicated wills too" at their cost


75 isn't bad at all. i have worked at law firms and they charge 400-500 per hour plus costs plus vat. 75 as a donation isnt much at all


Likely to be doube the suggested donation....


suggested donation seems a little on the high side, for a poor single old lady etc. good that they don't pressure people to pay this though ;)

Found 31st Oct 2008Found 31st Oct 2008
..well worth doing especially if you have children..make a will in November at your nearest participating solicitor..for the cost of a donation to charity...no minimum/maximum dona… Read more

I need to make a will, been thinking that for a while, but with going under anaesthetic (risky for me) soon its even more important. This is much better than just paying a solicitor


cracking deal, voted hot by me and rep added for OP.


For people over 60, the Stroke Association is offering free wills see ]https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/267923/free-wills-for-over-60s-with-your-l/


Voted hot, anything to help people in need is good in my book. Better than making the rich richer when someone who really needs it can benefit.


Moved to freebies as this service is free with an option to pay to charity.

Professionally drawn up Will for a donantion to Charity
Found 19th Oct 2007Found 19th Oct 2007
Will Aid is a charity Will making scheme which raises funds for people in need here and around the world. The scheme is run by 9 leading charities and solicitors firms throughout t… Read more
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I thought having a will with a solicitor was the norm, I don't want to keep it at home as I don't think some of my close family will be too pleased with it's contents, where else can you keep it for safety?


I have savings, dreams and ambitions and I'm 22.... so that proves your theory wrong. OP - this looks great - I'll be passing it on to everyone I know and consdier it myself :thumbsup:


Quite a bit of a generalisation really :whistling: My point was, a will is very important and no point hanging around writing one, let alone another year. You never know when you can pop off and you're never too young.


Very true........... But in my books the people with an outlook on life, who say things like "why save up you might get run over by a bus tomorrow" etc, generally are the people with no savings or ambition. So fingers crossed i'll last to a ripe old age ;-)


[SIZE=2]At your age, just as morbid as thinking about pensions probably.[/SIZE]