Wimbledon - Free Strawberries and Cream
Wimbledon - Free Strawberries and Cream

Wimbledon - Free Strawberries and Cream

I went to Wimbledon yesterday and there are stalls by the Tea Lawn area. One of the stalls is a HSBC stall, and they are offering free strawberries and cream for HSBC customers.

All you have to do is show your HSBC card to them and they give you a ticket to redeem your free strawberries and cream, which are £2.25 otherwise.

I didn't know where to post this so go easy on me. Obviously, you would have to be inside the gates of Wimbledon to redeem this offer.


In the light of Murray's win yesterdays, I'd hope that the Royal Bank of Scotland would trump that.

Show them your "sweaty" bankers card .....then step 'behind the rope' to get pashed on McEwans Export.

Awesome deal. Only need to go up another 349 times to make back the money of my arrangement fee. Look who's laughing now, HSBC.

bet u had an awesome time!

i say this is all a tad la-de-da...rather
voted hot

If you're a Premier customer, you get a voucher for a free glass of Pimms too.......worth £6.00 !!!

Come on rafa.

They have been giving it out for free at Liverpool St where the ice rink is, and they have a big screen up with Wimbo on :-)


Come on rafa.

Footie season is a while away:?

Interesting ... these are one of my customers ... just wait till they say that there budgets have been reduced. :whistling:

Prob more suitable in Freebies.

On Friday last week they were giving free stawberry's to everyone in the q for busses!.....but no cream! cheapskates! :whistling:
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