Winalot Classics chunks in jelly selection (12x400) £2.50 @ Asda
Winalot Classics chunks in jelly selection (12x400)  £2.50 @ Asda

Winalot Classics chunks in jelly selection (12x400) £2.50 @ Asda

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Just been to do a quick shop and noticed this instore!!!

down from £6.11 to £2.50

Winalot Classics its also online


bargin for any dog owners!!!

"Our classic combination of meaty chunks in a delicious jelly comes in a wide range of varieties to suit every appetite. Nutritionally balanced and enriched with vitamins, they not only taste great but provide complete nourishment for adult dogs as well."




will be store specific (as always! with Asda) following the pet food event couple of weeks back


will be store specific (as always! with Asda) following the pet food … will be store specific (as always! with Asda) following the pet food event couple of weeks back

It's showing at OP's quoted price on Asda website.

BRILLIANT DEAL!!! Thanks OP ordered 8 packs and a few other bits to get the free delivery as well. Didnt fancy carrying 8 packs up my looooong garden path. HEAT added.


Hot deal; but could only order maximum of 8 packs at a time.

Delicious...my bitches love this

My dog loves this brand, thanks for heads up

£5.98 for 12 at our local store (online).

Great deal though.


Its showing online at £2.50, Ive never used their online delivery before, anyone know how this works with substitutes, if this is out of stock?

Its showing online at my local so asked hubby to stop and get some on way home. Brilliant bargain thanks

superb deal. got 3 cases this morning. only about 6 on the shelf at Asda Portrack Lane

I ordered 5 of these last night to be delivered later this morning, but now showing as £6.11 again online now so I will be charged £30.55 instead of the expected £12.50!!! oO
Just rung customer service and she said it states on website prices will be charged as per price on day, blah blah blah. I understand things may change slightly but when is an offer not an offer if it doesn't state when it finishes?? She even said they reduce things to see how well they sell - and prob hope you won't return them I bet.
so now i will have to wait 5 days for that refund and still got no dog food. Great deal but prob best to stick to instore if you want to know the true price.

another example - ordered a pack of 8 cheese strings at £1 last night, just delivered ... invoiced at £2.47 !! its not like its just a few pence is it?! why can't they say when the price is valid til? They must know. Only ever ordered from asda, do the others do it the same as this?

caroline, we must have the same shopping habits!
Ive just had a delivery, and before the bloke could take them off the van, I pointed out the price change on the dog tins, he phoned through to CS and they said i can either return them, or keep them and they will refund the difference, so effectively Ive had them for £2.50 a pack. I went through my receipt and noticed I'd been overcharged on the cheesestrings too, so ive e-mailed customer services.

Same happened here,ordered then at £2.50 then when they arrived they only had 3 and wanted £6.11
driver has taken them back,but Im speaking to Customer services and then trading standards,that has to be false advertising and its not the first time its happened to me or indeed others.

Thanks for this, ordered 8 packs last night and 6 turned up today at £2.50 per pack. Never had shopping delivered from Asda before as i work for Tescos lol. A great saving, just hope the dog eats it now lol

as well as 6 packs of dog food i bought some other bits and pieces all on offer amounting to £27.54. I couldn't get the free delivery code to work but perhaps i didn't spend enough. Out of curiosity i checked out the Asda price guarantee and it said Tescos came in £2.09 cheaper on my order so they are now refunding me £7.95. Result
On the Asda website the winalot has now gone up to £6.11.

I wasn't so lucky, I ordered 6 cases last night. They all came alright but at £6.11 each again. I gave them back to the driver, (who was very polite). He let me talk to asda about my order on his phone, so I told them I thought this was false advertising, as it's happened to me loads now. I only put my order in last night and as far as I'm aware, I didn't see the offer before so was it on for only a day? Anyhow, I politely asked if they could honour the order I made. They refused so I told them I will be taking my custom elsewhere. As far as I can see, it's false advertising designed to get you to start shopping with them.

It seems strange that some are getting their orders honoured, and some aren't, havent Asda got a policy to follow?

I know its a joke, I wrote a complaint via the site but I nearly combused when it told me it couldn't send it as it was over 1000 characters!!!! I am livid and have asked for a proper email address or might even resort to snail mail.
It must be false advertising as they must know when a promo ends so should have a duty to tell you. Was tempted to go to the store and check the prices but hubby said that was taking it a bit far
As for the cheesestrings I wish I had noticed before driver left but had nearly £200 of shopping so its impossible. I also bought some asda 8pk wraps, these alone had increased 48% overnight. Overall my shopping was nearly 10% dearer than the night before.
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Trying to understand the asdaprice guarantee bit.
Items i recieved yesterday were 6 cases of winalot @ £2.50 = £15, 10 x cat food @ 19p = £1.90, 3 Carex Hand wash @ 75p = £2.25, 2 x Domlio Bolognaise sauce light @ 60p = £1.20, 2 x Cathedral city cheese @ £2 = £4, 2 x Asda crinkle oven chips @ 2 for £2 offer. with all that and £3.50 delivery charge it came to £30.80. I tried the asda price guarantee and it said Tescos came out £2.09 cheaper?!?!? There is not one thing on there which is cheaper at Tescos. So they have given me a voucher (home delivery only) for £7.95?!?! confused.com

Asdaprice guarantee my ****.

Ya get them dozy woman round a table saying it's so good ya can't lose only takes a second blah blah

They ask for this number and that number from their horrible receipts and takes an age.

Then they tell you your receipts not compatible because of this condition or that condition not been met.

Waste of time Asda. Pathetic gimmick that's all it is just like them all so generous voucher books you were 'rewarded' with around Xmas time.

Tesco spend millions on clubcard scheme and Asda still can only match Tesco prices more often than not.

Plus most Asda staff are extremely dumb to top it all off. As for Asda aces they look like they need to be sectioned more often than not. Crazy.


thanks hot, just looked into it seems asda was cheapest, but only by £3ish compared to tesco ( next cheapest) nowhere near 10% so they are sending me a voucher for 63p !?!

Every little helps, as they say, lol

received mine today too and charged full price im waiting for them to call me back

just had a call from them, despite only asking for an email address. The man was very sympathetic and admitted it was unfair. they are refunding money for certain items I wasn't happy with like the flaming cheestrings and wraps.
Also refunds for couple of subs that were no good really. I had checked at door but hadn't realised they had subbed 5 x2lt pepsi max (£1 each = £5) with a 4x2lt carry pack and had nerve to say I had saved money as it was charged at £4.79 instead of £5 ?!? My limited brain says otherwise - I was charged more per bottle/ lost a bottle.
Another sub was sure womens anti-perspirant,- subbed with asda own non-anti-pers body spray!! ( like a cheap impulse) Umm bet me and teenage daughters smell great all day at work/gym/school wearing that! Also got a £5 e-voucher, despite telling him probably not use asda again.
Agree with roadrunner ,they must be thick in my local store too.
I also told him to report that asda were getting a slating on here too and people feel they are being mislead. He said they were having lots of complaints with these type of issues.
So if your not happy, let them know - every little complaint helps

same thing happened to me, order 8, and was charged £48.88 (alot when it was £20 on my email confimation) also i checked and double checked it didn't state when the offer was valid until !!!
called their stupid south african call centre, at like 6,30pm, they refused to refund the difference, i asked for a manager/supervisor to call me back, he said fine he will call you at 8.30pm. nothing...

9pm 10pm .....

millions of times i've been waiting for a manager to call me back, i'd be dead before they call me back...hate them all....going to speak to trading standards...as there are alot of unhappy people

Thats why I gave the winalot back to the driver as knew they were unlikely to honour it, its a stupid way to do business. I told the man yesterday I was lucky I just had enough money in the bank to cover the inflated prices! (nearly £20) Not true as it was payday but it could have been true
I also pointed out that if I placed an order with amazon/next/dorothy perkins etc etc they dont change the prices on a whim, I buy because I know the price of an item when I place the order. It seems you are literally opening your bank account to them, and they can take what they like

Wappy, I'm sorry us complainers have hijacked your deal - it was a great hotdeal for those who got it.

have looked into how the other big 2 do things, and both tesco and sainsbury's offers clearly show an end date to all their offers ie:price valid if delivered by xxxx, and the normal price displayed. Think asda are intentionally misleading customers here.

Got my 8 delivered on Tuesday; only 3 of correct size and tried to palm me off with same tins but only in packs of 6 for the remaining 5 I ordered - told him to take them back. It was only 5 packs of 6, not 10 packs of 6 to make it up to the remaining 5 packs of 12 I ordered. Not great, probably wont use them again for delivery.

asda are a nightmare for online shopping we only ordered from them once christmas 09 they sent us 4 qaulity street tins instead of 4 heroes tins we ordered, the cheap asda dog food instead of pedigree and 9 pepsi bottles instead of coke so we refused the substitutes at the door and signed the mans little screen to say the money would be credited back in 5 days. It took us 6 months to get the money refunded, every time i phoned up was told it was being sorted blah blah blah in the end i told them our solictor would deal with it within hours the £40 odd was back in my bank account

Still got charged full price grr
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