WinCleaner OneClick Clean Up XP PC Cleaner Optimizer

WinCleaner OneClick Clean Up XP PC Cleaner Optimizer

Found 17th Jun 2010
Price: Free to try (30 day trial);

Unwanted and even dangerous clutter from daily use and Internet surfing builds up over time. This takes up drive space and tracks your Web-browsing habits, leaving a trail for anyone to see. With WinCleaner One-Click Cleanup, you can safely remove junk files, broken shortcuts, Internet clutter. And it includes one of the best Registry Problem Solver and Optimizer you can get. Save your money don't buy separate programs to do the dozen or more maintenance chores that WinCleaner will do for you automatically. You will notice quicker startups and faster surfing with the benefit of solid privacy protection all in one package that will save you time and money

This top-notch program effectively scans and cleans your computer for registry errors and traces of online activities. Sporting a sleek interface, it primarily removes temporary files, folders, and worthless shortcuts from your system.

Privacy and safety are staples of this program. Automatic backups are made before deleting files. You can choose to quickly delete or safely shred files, and an Undo option is easily invoked. Configuration settings are always accessible and well explained.

Unlike similar applications, this program helpfully allows users to protect important cookies from accidental deletion. A robust feature is a step-by-step Wizard that walks you through program uninstallation processes. An appreciated bonus feature makes it simple to move and rename application folders. All users will find this program easy to use. Novice users will appreciate the wealth of explanations and simple Wizards. Advanced users will favor the easy configurations and feature-laden modules.


Or you could use CCleaner, that is free forever :thumbsup:


Or you could use CCleaner, that is free forever :thumbsup:

Good point! ]CCleaner (formerly CrapCleaner), is a donationware utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer. I also like that you are able to disable start-up programs to speed up computer boot time and now CCleaner also allows users to delete system restore points, freeing up valuable disk space. :thumbsup:

As mentioned above, use CCleaner instead. These other tweaking programs can cause conflicts and problems if you decide to uninstall them and forget to reset everything to the way it was before installation.

Not forgetting the fact that a TRIAL offer has been posted in the freebie section, not quit sure how that works :thinking: Ccleaner all the way :thumbsup:
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