Wind up head torch only £2.99 @ Netto!
Wind up head torch only £2.99 @ Netto!

Wind up head torch only £2.99 @ Netto!

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3 ultra bright LEDs, weather resistant, 3 level swtich, adjustable.


Is this some kind of wind up?

Hilarious. I can't imagine this being any use at all, but I'd like to see one just for the comedy value.

My wind up lantern is the brightest torch I've ever had and it beats battery powered any day because they always run out when you need them most according to the law of sod.

Head torches are great to imho - camping and for when you need to stick your head in the bonnet of your car, or just reading in bed.

I can't comment on what the quality of this would be - but for £3, then I'm gonna take the gamble!


Well, it's much less kinkier than I first thought!


Well, it's much less kinkier than I first thought!

Think you may be better looking at the extendable pole post two deals below.:thumbsup:

whats so hilarious about it, i think it would be particularly useful for tradesmen, plumbers and electricians etc

Hey, if you're ever stuck in a coal mine for a couple of days and every one elses batteries are running out you could have the last laugh with this.

Bit of a unlikely scenario perhaps, but it could be useful.

what batteries does this take?


jade goody



what batteries does this take?thanksjade goody

realise you're joking but they use those rechargeable coin batteries so very light. Got a hand held version very bright but the mechanism inside keeps falling apart and then I have to take the damn thing apart and stick it back together. Was a cheap one from TKMaxx though but still came in very handy when I ran out of batteries on a 10 day exhibition.

Hey ive have one of these, got it at xmas, this one looks the same apart from a slightly different strap, its pretty good although its a bit bulky when its on your head. The winder is on the base of the actual tourch so you can take it off and use it as a small wind up led which is also pretty handy.

Forgot to add. I've often used head touches for cycling to. I tend to avoid cycling at night as don't have lights on my bike but since the nights are now drawing in quicker than I realise, I do find myself out and about with my bike in the dark. So that is another use.

I think those finding this funny aren't very outdoors type people and have never used a head torch to realise how damn great they are.

And this starts 22nd September btw - so you still have to wait a week officially but sometimes have stuff in early

got one of these from tesco endo of line, £1.50 not mega bright but they are good, 1 minute of wind up = 40 min of 3 led lights. thats pretty dam good 1 led =90 mins of use. definentley get one, keep one in car incase you breakdown in the dark

Comes with as many free winders as you want. Never need to worry about having batteries and the winder is 100% guaranteed to be with the torch!
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